Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a suggestion. . .

It's not that off-base to call Nate & I, Ipod junkies. Along with changing what we listen to--it's changing how I interact with media. Including how I watch TV. Who needs Tivo when I can watch my favorite shows on-line without commercials! At least without a lot of commercials,'limited commercial interruption' to be precise. I think it's wonderful. But here's the thing--if a company is going to sponsor an entire show--I'm assuming that's a worth wile investment---I have two suggestions:
1.) Please give me more than one commercial to watch. The same commercial on every break? What's the point of a great ad campaign if I roll my eyes at it the fourth time I watch it? In fact I get so sick of it that I want to swear off whomever it is that decided to "sponsor" a show. If you don't think I'm paying attention than please simply flash your logo for a few seconds and we'll call it good.

2.) Also, please pay a little bit of attention to your audience. If you're going to sponsor a show called Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell (creator of Sex in the City fame) please don't give me a commercial about heavy-duty trucks (Toyota) or humorous pep-talks from Peyton Manning(Mastercard). It feels down right insulting when I'm trying to get a little girl-time to have Peyton Manning give me tips on how to reduce my gut!
Either I don't get it or the media industry has a steeper learning curve than we thought when it comes to internet TV. All that to say--its a whole new world out there and I love being in the thick of these huge changes in media!
P.S. Not 100% sold on Lipstick Jungle but it's far less racy since its on primetime vs. Sex in the City on HBO. Sneaking suspicion it'll be my guilty indulgence since I do love watching beautifully-coiffed women balance home, work & self. Also-like seeing which storylines are going to be used from Sex In the City (Victory's man troubles with the elusive billionaire—a lot like Big & Samantha.) Have to say-I love that they have Brooke Sheilds playing a movie studio exec w/ a 14 year-old daughter! Sassy!


Linda Darjean said...

i would have to agree with you about the commercials. i was watching october road one time and advil was on about a jillion times. i think i swore off advil then...wait i think it was aleve...see what i mean, i hate them all!!! i LOVE that you are posting more!!! YAY! this housewife loves to read your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Big and Carrie was SUCH a non-ending plot line! I was so glad they finally ended up together!

Have you watched "Cashmere Mafia" on ABC? I think it's MUCH more fun and entertaining than "Lipstick Jungle". But maybe that's because I can't look at Kim Raver without thinking of "24"!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot one of the gals has a girlfriend for a short bit - I wasn't so excited about that - so be warned!

The Durbin Family said...

We've been watching Lost on the internet since we keep missing it on Thursday nights. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. We say that every week..."SAME commercial every time? Come on..." :) Have to admit, haven't even heard of "Lipstick Jungle" so can't comment on that! :)


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