Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Perfect for a long winter

Last month-I recieved a wonderful birthday gift from a dear friend. A chance to spend a couple of uninterupted hours in my new favorite place. Mystery Cat Books--right off of 1st ave. behind Irish Democrat. If you like mysteries (which many of you know is guilty indulgence of mine) then this is the place for you. If, like me, you've recently started collecting books (first editions, signed copies or proof copies) then this is a reasonably priced gold-mine of wonderful titles. I had a chance to pick up four--two proofs and two signed copies. They're vastly different but have been really-good-clean-fun. Hard to find these days-so I'd thought I'd share.

The Ape Who Guards the Balance--an Amelia Peabody Series
Turn of the century Egyptologist-becomes embroiled in one scheme after another. You're local library may have these. I heard them first as audio books and their wonderful! Fun,colorful characters! Kids can listen too--great for road trips.

Just came out this January--this is across between the DaVinci Code and the Bourne Identity. Interesting historical fiction--with lotz of action and emotion surprisingly.
Read it in two days (you'd be proud Linda.) The first 300 pages flew! The ending was a little long--but a great book for both male and female.

Murder hits a Minnesota town right in the Cookie Jar.
Stephanie Plum with Mid-west values.
Also has great recipes.
Never knew there's a subcategory of food mysteries
Dialogue is a little slow but still clean and fun.

(Pet peeve--any author who dresses all women in blouses and pants suits--just bothers me! No one wears jeans?)

Best part of this book--in the copy I got the author made a correction to the Fudge Cupcake recipe--supposed to be baking soda not powder. Not only is it a signed copy but she initialed the correction! So cool to have & know that a best-selling author (whose character tests recipes for a cookbook in the story ironically) would be so candid about the mistake! This will make you want to bake!

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