Friday, February 22, 2008

Be careful what you blog for?

Recently Katie, my dear blog-friend, commented on the blog that she really wants to meet Nate & Sophia. The next day Nate informed me that he had to travel to Florida for business and so he's taking us along! The best part--we get to stay with Katie & family (All my complaining about snow finally paid off!)

I've had the privileged of knowing Katie & Shaun McDonnell-since college. I've always admired Katie's ability to create her own path--being confident in her own spirit & abilities. Married while in college--I've never gotten a chance to meet her beautiful children. (The fact that she was pregnant when we graduated doesn't count!)

Katie was an answer to prayer my first week at home as a mom (the most terrifying one of them all) Katie invited me to join an on-line prayer group of other women across the country who happened to be mom's. For the last two years I've had a constant support system on-line and in the process gotten closer with Katie via the web.

But what really thrills me is getting a chance to have her photograph Sophia! Katie takes magical pictures--especially of children. Pictures of her children frolicking in the sun have gotten me through long winters since before I was a mom. Now I not only get to see her & her family but for Sophia's 2nd birthday coming up we're going to book a session with 'how i wonder' photography.

Katie's beautiful brood.

Evan, Madalyn & Jack

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Katie said...

Oh my goodness, we are so excited! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

You are so sweet...



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