Monday, August 22, 2005

If we really think that home is elsewhere and that this life is a "wandering to find home," why should we not look forward to the arrival?
C. S. Lewis

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Fall is right around the corner and change is definitely in the air. For Nate and I that means we start to look at the map and think about all the other places that are out there waiting for us. Some of Nate’s best memories came from days in Dallas where his family was in a foreign city and somewhat isolated. It was there that they became a family, in his mind. I have similar stories of our small family bonding together in the absence of others. For both of us gypsy’s we feel overwhelmed by the number of connections we have to our medium-sized city. Most of them were formed when we were both single and ready to take over the world. Now our lives and our hearts have changed but the expectations haven’t. At least that’s how we feel when we get grumbly. So many people all expecting something different.
The sun is lower in the sky giving off that crisp fall glow, that look that always makes me adventurous. If I could I would jump in my car and go on a huge adventure, I wouldn’t come home till I had had my fill of everything else. To roam the rolling hills and out of the way places, to mingle with travelers exuberant with the courage of being a stranger, the fall always makes me restless.
I am thankful that I married a man who understands these longings, the unsettled heart that needs to be near the Lord, needs to be moving, other places,other people. All I can think of are the people we have yet to meet, to help, to break bread with, and be Christ to. This weekend it was like the “wind changed” and the mood in our house grew taught, the restlessness lives on. I sink to my knee’s before the Lord seeking guidance, sometimes the restlessness is simply growing pains, other times it a call to move. Only time will tell.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Isn't it ironic? Most garage sale proffesionals are the cheapest people I know, they will take almost anything for a quarter! And yet their the first to turn up their noses at a "low brow" neighborhood.  Posted by Picasa

Garage Sale Capers!

Okay, I have a confession, I think I created a monster. Ever so subtly Nate has become addicted to TV shows about home makeovers particularly any type of real estate “flip” or gutting of a home to resell for profit. (big profit in some cases) I have suffered from a full-blown addiction since the first “Trading Spaces” marathon. In my old apartment I used to pull my little TV into which ever room I was in the process of remodeling. So you can imagine my surprise when my I hear my husband’s voice come out of the office saying,
“Honey, what channel is HGTV?”
Here is the background to Nate’s demise. A little less than one year ago Nate came home from a weekend away to find his entire room gutted (well it didn’t take much gutting if you count removing the mattress on the floor and the heap of laundry) and restyled for a little under $175 ($50 of that was ply wood for a makeshift bed)
A birthday present with original African art, new paint, and several consignment and garage sale finds went in to making Nate a place to call his own. As the story goes he was so impressed he went down on one knee and proposed on the spot. (I think that means he liked it.)
Our story continues in a brand new three bedroom, two story, town house, that Nate moved into this March with little more than a sleeping bag and a dorm fridge. Now six months later the place is starting to feel like home. Recovering from our April wedding has slowed down any grand design we had for an early make-over and these past few weeks have had me on the couch gorging myself on design shows for inspiration. I absolutely LOVE making a house into a home, full or unique ideas that represent life and inspiration. But I have to admit with very little time and budget our three bathroom, three bedroom home seemed a little daunting.
In came Nate, it only took a couple of “before” and “after” shots for him to realize how much difference a coat of paint and a little style could make in a living situation.
Friday night I saw a look in his eyes that I hadn’t scene before. He was determined to make-over at least one room in the house, tomorrow. I don’t need much motivation but Nate’s hungry look made me laugh.
“Alright babe, are you ready to do this?” I asked. Having a little idea of what we were getting into. With gusto we cleaned out the room we had designated an office and stripped it of its hardware Friday night preparing it for paint. Not wanting to waste time picking colors we snatched some left over paint from my parents.
Saturday morning Nate’s enthusiasm was wearing thin at 8am when I nudged him for an early morning of garage sale-ing. Well the early-bird didn’t get the worm, or much else for that matter, but we did have a blast, rain and all. We learned all about "garage sale etiquette" from a lady who ranted and raved about the car that was parked in the drive-way by some uncouth garage saler (we didn't dare point out the handicap sticker on the car but were certain we were going to see a garage sale brawl.)
At the end of the weekend we have a new entertainment center in our living room that resembles a Lewis Wardrobe (to go with our free TV, we’ll take anything!) a couple of new garage sale lamps that bring much needed warmth, a visit to mom’s house added some décor cast-offs and half painted office were what we had to show for our labors. The fun part is seeing our house turn into a home and the adventure of doing it together. When your try to make a classy room out of nothing, it is definitely and adventure! I have a partner in crime who simply follows me around, power tools in hand, encouraging my inspiration! Who can ask for anything more!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"If leadership serves only the leader, it will fail. Ego satisfaction, financial gain, and status can all be valuable tools for a leader, but if they become the only motivations, they will eventually destroy a leader. Only when service for a common good is the primary purpose are you truly leading."
Sheila Murray Bethel, Making a Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You a Leader.
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Searching for a few good women

I have to keep asking myself how I get into these situations. Granted I will admit I am an over-achiever, and a recovering people pleaser but the thing that gets me in the most trouble, is that I am an optimist. This may be great for most aspects of life but I have realized it may be my “fatal flaw.” For some stupid reason I say yes to the most IMPOSSIBLE jobs and don’t have the sense to say, “How are we going to do that?” or maybe “Excuse me?!? Can I get a little HELP here!”
No I have to smile and tough it out all while I am under experienced and overworked. I am not really blaming anyone else but myself. I get me into these crazy situations and hate to let anyone down until it’s absolutely apparent that I have no clue how to do it all.

Yesterday I learned way too much about myself, including the fact that my exuberant optimism gets me into so much trouble. It’s a very humbling state to have to call your dad b/c you’re sure everyone’s figured out you’re a fraud and they’re going to drum you out of the office any minute now. Over lunch I didn’t get much sympathy from my dad. He really believes in my abilities and wanted to set me straight that I was simply in a really tough situation.
I know I am just cutting my teeth in the working world but then I asked a question that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of before. I realized how many men my husband considers mentors. He’s got a list of people who have invested in him that have more experience and wisdom as husbands, Christians, and also senior level corporate positions. Light bulb moment! Where are the Christian business women that can mentor me?
My dad’s response.
“Well, if you want the God’s honest truth? Around here I don’t know of another Christian woman that I would consider more successful than you.”
Of course that made me cry, what an amazing father!
At this point I had a very sad revelation. I know amazing women in the workforce that I look up to, heads of firms, and board of directors but unfortunately none that I go to church with. I know fabulous women that I go to church with, great mothers, wonderful Christian women, but there seem to be a gap. I don’t know what that says about us as Christian women?
Thankfully I have some very successful peers, women that have achieved great things for the Lord that are looking out for me. But for now I am on a quest. Where did all the female Christian leaders go?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Tag Lines

Pieces of Glass
A Moment of Tragedy, A Lifetime of Faith

"A true story of a young woman’s attempt to put her life back together after real-life tragedy strikes
Her entire future seemed to shatter in a single moment after her fiancé’s skiing accident left him severely brain damaged and unable to communicate. Author Sarah Kay Ndjerareou turned to writing to map out what was happening in her soul. In Pieces of Glass, Sarah Kay searches for hope in a God who heals unimaginable pain. In this honest—and ultimately healing—account, she shares her struggles with God as she tries to rebuild her life through the pain, doubt, and depression, wondering if she has hit the limits of her faith. Winner of the “What’s In Your Head?” National Writing Contest"

This is a synopsis of my upcoming book but I would love your input on an appropriate tag line. A tag line is the sentance after the title that gives you insight into the make-up of the book.
Here are a few ideas I am throwing around:

A Moment of Tragedy, a Lifetime of Faith

Take a Closer Look at God from the Wreckage of Loss

Discovering Hope from the Ashes of Tragedy

When Young Love is Cut Short by Loss, Can God be Trusted?

A Moment of Tragedy, A Long Road Towards Hope

A Moment of Tragedy, Hard Questions of God

Let me know if you like anything in particular or feel free to make suggestions.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. ~Norbet Platt

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This morning I am proud to report I sent off my final copy of Pieces of Glass to my wonderful team of editors after four months of revisions. I am so thankful for the chance to rewrite and reorganize my thoughts with unlimited creative liberty but I can actually say I am really looking forward to the feedback. I am also thankful for the professional team Zondervan has produced. I don’t mind taking a break for just a little while and will definitely do a little celebrating tonight. I know we still have a long way to go but you have to celebrate the little milestones along the way.

Next on my list. . .thank you notes.


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