Thursday, June 28, 2007

Complete Life Starter Kit CHEAP

Buy this beautiful, hassle-free town home and get a well-loved Honda Civic free!
Repairs and towing rates apply, void in some states.

Call right now and receive an adorable, teething, runny nosed, drawer emptying, soda spilling toddler while supplies last!

1-800-that's life!

Visa, MasterCard and all vacation homes accepted!

Just Kidding!
New pictures coming soon:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Nate and I offically placed our home on the market--in hopes of a quick sale so that our family can move into the home we've placed an offer on!
This adorable home has been such a gift for our growing family. Nate moved in two-weeks before we were married in 2005 with only a sleeping bag and a dorm fridge. Since then we've turned the partially finished basement into living quarters for his family when their in town, the spare bedroom became a nursery and my book was written in the office.
Its gone from being a condo to a home--a place of memories and family. Nate and I will miss all the friends we made here and the low maintence yard work. This year was the first year I ever gardened but I loved only focusing on the flowers and never having to mow or water (oh yeah built-in sprinklers!) We will also miss the ample room we had to adjust to cohabitating with a member of the opposite sex. This is the perfect starter-home for anyone looking to get a foothold in life. A diverse neighborhood, and great neighbors make it a very special place in our hearts.

Check it out at

Thursday, June 07, 2007

This Is Only A Test

Recent summer storms have brought in plenty of excitement and reminded me of a late night road trip I took a few years ago through a part of Illinois that I'd never been to before. As the sky got dark, green and ominous looking I got a little nervous and flipped on the radio. The announcer quickly confirmed my worst fears when I heard. "A Tornado warning has been issued for Weston, Parker, Lincoln, Benton, and Hines counties. Seek shelter immediately." It was at that moment that I realized, I had NO IDEA WHAT COUNTY I WAS IN! You never see counties on maps or even road signs, (well even if you do I didn't see it that night.) Whose idea is it to scare miserable travelers out of their minds? I had two choices, keep driving looking for a funnel cloud around every bend. Or I could hide in a ditch when a twister was three counties away.

Obviously I'm here, so I didn't run into Glinda, Toto, or any of the Lollipop Guild. But still, I have to say it seems like someone could come up with a smarter way to warn unsuspecting travelers.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Even nice guys won't take a fish off your hook six times

Yes, six times, what can I say, beginer's luck. But unfortunately I seemed to be the only one getting lucky today and even though I was with my dad, my brother and my husband. Three men who really love me--they lost their patience with my squimish side after the fourth fish. Sophia was the real brave one, she got to touch her first fish and she didn't scream as much as Mommy did when she finally had to do her own dirty work. We were only catching them for sport, it was all catch and release. Luckily, one of my fish released itself, and the other two well, I didn't have much choice did I. Never tease men about pool or fishing, life lesson #4.

Sunday at Crossroads Community Church. One of the perks of having church at Warehouse Auto in Swisher is a fully stocked lake on the premises. This was the first Sunday we actually planned make the most of it and when we went to purchase fishing licenses, we found out that this was Free Fishing Weekend in Iowa. I know Christ was a fisherman, I guess it's still a hobby he reccomends
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