Thursday, May 25, 2006

I want my life back!

Ohkay so I know most of you were watching Idol last night and didn’t waste your time with the Lost season finale—and well I’m not sure which was a bigger waste of time. Nate and I were once huge Lost addicts but as the months went on and the story line kept getting bigger and stranger and since nothing was ever resolved it just seemed to become a lesson in futility. But last night they were finally advertising, “the answers you’ve been looking for,” seems like were not the only ones frustrated and confused. For instance, what ever happened to the polar bear and the giant invisible monster—they just seemed to disappear and NOBODY notices! Believe me, if I was living on an island with an invisible monster—I WOULD REMEMBER! Or the fact that dead people roam free—visions come to life and the lame can walk—yep, no one mentioned that. Instead they spent THREE hours filling me in on everything I missed when I gave up on the show and basically knocking off a couple of main characters—those aren’t answers that’s a sub-plot! And if you know this island how much you wanna bet their gonna show up again—I’d put even money on it. I guess it serves me right for believing the hype about answers—TV, unlike movies, books or any other coherent form of media—doesn’t need to have a decent plot line, they just need enough smoke and mirrors to get me to tune in every week—All of you that watch 24 know what I mean.

So here my husband and I skipped our date night babysitter to stay home and watch three more hours of our life go down the drain and the worst part is they got me hooked again—you know I’m going to tune in next season ‘cause I gotta know who “the good guys are” and where their taking Jack, Kate and that other guy. And what’s up with the four-toed mega statue? I swear, I seriously think that one of the writers is on some hallucinogenic drug and every so often they let him write in some cockamamie detail to screw with your mind. I don’t know maybe he’s the son of some high level TV exec so they can’t fire him.
Personally, I’m going back to CSI—no matter what day of the week there’s always a CSI on somewhere and at least they resolve every episode. And even when its bad its good. On Sunday’s the I HATE HORATIO KANE club officially meets at our house to watch CSI Miami. We count how many lines Kane has that are longer than eight words—I think the record is three. Try it someday—it’s quite a kick. In my opinion, Horatio Kane is a Clint Eastwood—Chuck Norris love child but hey at least there aren’t any invisible monsters—just good old fashioned dead people.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Precious Moments

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Sophia and Auntie Minga

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Sleepy Girl

Aminchi you've got a gift Posted by Picasa

Brewed Awakenings

He had all of the virtues I despise and none of the vices I admire.
--Winston Churchill

I miss CAFFEINE! Oh how I miss the buzz of synapses—how thoughts come tumbling out and the thoughts crackle across my brain. I miss the bursts of energy that leave my to do list empty and my house sparkling. I miss the jolt that makes conversations peppier and wit funnier. I miss how much emotional strength I can borrow from a cup of coffee. On my worst days I would wake up in the morning feeling disjointed—like I was unhinged and awkward, able to topple over at the slightest resistance—but somehow a cup (or three) of good strong coffee would pull every thing in tight and I would be me again—or even Super Me able to do almost anything for at least the next two-hours. No matter how big the crash—I was always thankful for that great big boost in the morning.
I never needed the thrill of drugs to get me high--I like my vices thank. But now being a nursing mother there are something’s more important. I can’t say I’ve given it up cold turkey (I am weak) but its an indulgence—and nothing as powerful as I was living on before. It must be part of the curse that came with pain in childbirth—although we’ve practically eliminated the pain part—God makes sure we feel every sleepless night. Everything is more painful and dramatic when I am tired (ask my husband). For me, I think the baby blues was primarily exhaustion. I don’t need drugs I just need a really big cup of COFFEE! So when you stop by the coffee pot this morning—think of me and enjoy!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sophia and her Kaga

Sophia had her first roadtrip on Saturday when we traveled
to Ames, the trip was a little hard but the cuddles
from Grandpa (Kaga) Ndjerareou made all the difference. Posted by Picasa

Ode to E-mail

Ohkay confession time—when it comes to e-mail I guess I am part Meg Ryan inYou’ve Got Mail—idealistically loving the candor of swapping letters and part Sandra Bullock in The Net—experiencing live from the safety of my own little cocoon. It’s what I’ve learned to call artistic solitude where the extrovert and the introvert collide. But who doesn’t love getting e-mail (and for arguments sake I am talking about interpersonal e-mail—not work e-mail or junk e-mail) Recently I started to think about how many amazing things have come my way via e-mail. I know I know, big surprise to any of you who have gone for long stints of time waiting for me to call you back b/c I am avoiding my voicemail—you know who you are—but there is something non-threatening about e-mail.
Personally I have two e-mail accounts one with my maiden name and one with my married name. I remember I set up my first Yahoo account when I was a senior in high-school. I was temporarily living and working at the state capital as a Page in the House of Representatives and I needed a way to communicate that didn’t change with my location. Since then I have moved oh at least 18 times (no joke think about it—college every year-every summer—then afterwards). My address and phone number have changed so many times I can’t even keep up—but my e-mail has always been faithful—always constant—come to think of it since I graduated high school it is one of the only things that has been consistent. Because of that it’s my gateway to the world (I am a writer and a mom—there are days I don’t leave the house—you REALLY love e-mail then.) Nate asked me out for the first time via e-mail, we were friends long at least a year and half before but my heart was in my throat the day that showed up in my in-box-I probably still have it in a folder somewhere—see consistency.
I’ve gotten jobs through e-mail, made new friends—believe me this motherhood thing would be much harder without my prayer group moms some of whom I’ve never actually met. You can Zondervan is made up of people who love the written word because all our correspondences is primarily through e-mail—gotta love it. I love the group e-mails that make it feel like I’m hanging out with college friends again or family. I think I’ve heard about new babies, engagements, adoptions even worked out hurt feelings through e-mail.
I suppose you could say it’s a little sad how much of life has been experienced this way, its definitely not how I pictured my life when I got online eight years ago. I remember before I learned to type I would get so frustrated with IM that I would simply pick-up the phone and call the person I was talking to. What’s the point I used to ask? But I am so thankful that this thing called e-mail allows me an open door to so many of you throughout the world. College friends, friends from pubescent days in Africa, my little brother and I can swap movie lines. I have a new family now that I am falling in love with and you never know where a Ndjerareou is going to pop up—so thank heaven for e-mail. I love words and I love sharing in the lives of all the people who have crossed paths with in life.
P.S. Technically speaking is it: through e-mail, on e-mail, in e-mail, via e-mail. Ohkay now I’m sick of the word e-mail—not very literary of me to use it over and over again—but I still love the concept!

I live for this smile

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Rest In Peace

My parents home overlooks a cemetary--I was
trying to photograph a robin building a nest
on the front porch but I was struck by
how peaceful this scene was. Eternal rest
for our souls and our bodies-you will be
missed Carol and Michelle. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Picture Day

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Our Little Lady

Our dear friend Katie McDonnell blessed us
with this adorable little dress that I could resist
using for theses pictures. Like Naomi said--there
is something about pink on a little girl that you
can't resist. Especially this dress its just so innocent
and timeless. Love it Katie! Posted by Picasa
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Baby Toes

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day To Me

What a wonderful weekend--the treasure's kept on giving and I have to share:
Nate and I spent Friday night at the wonderful bed and breakfast that
is my parents home--so they volunteered to get up durring the night with
the still recovering darling that is Sophia. As they say "its a young person's game."
And then Saturday-I was able to capture the "amazing Sophia's" new rolling over
trick on film--a wonderful gift. My mom and I got to spend some quality time shopping
for me--its so nice to be in anything Non-Maternity while Nate got some quality time
with his baby that wasn't at 4am. Then the joy continued when Sophia was the guest
of honor at one of my parents dinner parties--I hear she was a hit (special note here with my baby being sick I have voluntarily quarantined myself so all this pawning her off was not typical--just neccessary. When I find out who contaminated my baby--whew won't be pretty)
While Nate and I got a great dinner with friends a little Barnes and Noble--oh I missed that place--and then a movie--missed that too. Then this morning I got to read an entire Sunday NY Times--I know a little liberal but pure bliss. Today I discovered something of a women's soul--I remebered when I was little and I discovered my mother's stash of tooth fairy notes, macaroni art and of course cards. Hand made cards-store bought cards etc. Today I got my first card from my baby, I know I have recieved many wonderful cards from special people including my husband--but somehow nothing is as special as that sweet little card from my daughter on my first mother's day. The only thing to do next is find a box for my stash. Posted by Picasa

A Work In Progress

There are many signs around me that I am truely becoming a mother--
but before I expose my soul you must know how much I ADORE my daughter
I love her smile--I love being a part of her life--I love the fact that I alone can comfort
her like a mother can and when people talk about how bright and interactive she is--I love
that I had something to do with it--that I can already see something wonderful come out
of this new relationship--it gives me hope.
I will also confess that there are moments especially after a particullarly tough week of thrush
and a cold--I know a two month old with a cold--well that's a whole nother tirade. Anyway, I was out and about without my baby and as I turned my car onto the interstate I realized I didn't want to go home. I wanted to go anywhere do anything besides being trapped inside with a fussy two-month old. And this is where the growth part comes in--typically when I am in emotional duress my comfort mechanism is coffee, or shopping or a good book--but this week I discovered something just as soothing--power tools. I love Home Depot and I love to do projects--I knew that but as I hung a very neccesary set of shelves in my basement entry creating a much needed pantry space off my kitchen I found myself humming--I'm so excited and I just can't help it--no kidding. I was almost giddy--course I was finally getting my kitchen in order and even finding wedding presents I had "put away" in the move that I hadn't seen since. But you know what atleast home projects pay back in equity--so its a way to give back. I guess the point is even my coping mechanisms are growing up--instead of indulging myself with shoes--I indulged myself with shelves. . .Who knew? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There are two kinds of people
those that say to God: thy will be done
and those to whom God says:
all right have it your way.
-C.S. Lewis Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sophia and her #1 fan. . .

Well at least one of them. Aminchi--will do my best to post
as much of the "amazing Sophia" as humanly possible. . . Posted by Picasa

A day in the life of Sophia & Sarah Kay. . .

5 am or 6—Sophia starts her day with breakfast—possibly a little catnap afterwards (if I’m lucky)

9:30 second breakfast (very Tolkeinesque) but thankfully she’s got great taste so breakfast is timed with Gilmore Girls! Ohkay you’re going to see a running theme here but you have to remember that Sophia isn’t much of a talker—so besides the news it’s sometimes the only intelligent dialogue I have during the day (Nate is not much of a talker before nine am—but we love him for it)

10:30 am time for play! This may include hanging out with mom, swinging, lying on our mat and smiling at Pooh. Learning to coo—this girl is going to be very vocal you can tell it already. She also loves to chat, lots of eye contact, lots of being talked to—I get strange looks at the mall when I’m talking to a stroller, it’s a also a little dangerous.
But everyone is much happier, I’m convinced that she doesn’t really like her car seat b/c she has to face the back of the car. Don’t believe me, ask Kathy—one morning when Sophia accompanied me to coffee I mistakenly placed her facing the wall, that didn’t last long but when Kathy turned her around—well she just wanted to be part of the girls
11am time for a nap—repeat two more time then it’s Daddy time! Sophia and I have a deal that the really big diapers we save for Daddy—followed by bath time or a trip to the gym where they have really nice people that LOVE to hang out with Sophia, and all the really great toys.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Our Beloved Sister in Christ

Crash victim was to graduate Saturday
ISU student died when her car crossed Highway 30 median
By Angela Meng The Gazette
CEDAR RAPIDS — She was a caring person who always put others first — that’s how Renee Pinkston described her 22-year-old daughter, Michelle Pinkston, who was killed in a car crash on Highway 30 near Norway about 12:15 p.m. Friday. ‘‘She was a very strong Christian, and she had every confidence that she’d go to heaven,’’ Renee Pinkston of Cedar Rapids said Saturday of her daughter, who was supposed to graduate from Iowa State University on Saturday. ‘‘She had a sort of sweetness and f r e s h n e s s about her. She was just so animated about life, and she was very loving. She never waited to tell people she app r e c i a t e d them.’’ M i c h e l l e Pinkston was driving east from Ames to Cedar Rapids on Highway 30 when her car crossed the median and entered the two westbound lanes. Her car was struck by a pickup, then continued on and was struck by a minivan. The minivan and Pinkston’s car were then both struck by a semi-trailer truck. She died at the scene. The driver of the minivan, Deborah Nielson of Newhall, was flown by helicopter to University Hospitals in Iowa City, where she remained Saturday. Renee Pinkston said Michelle was driving to Cedar Rapids to spend Friday with the family and was going to drive back to Ames with them for the graduation ceremony Saturday. Renee Pinkston said she originally thought the accident might have been caused by her daughter being drowsy, but one of Michelle’s friends said she had talked to her just 10 minutes before the accident and that she had sounded fairly alert. Michelle Pinkston was a 2002 Kennedy High School graduate. She was involved in track, cross country, cheerleading and the National Honor Society. She was also a member of The Gazette’s Youth Advisory Council. In college, she was president of one of ISU’s dorms and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She received a Cardinal Leadership Award two weeks ago. The award, Renee Pinkston said, is very selective, and Michelle was honored to receive it. She got involved in art in high school and designed a badge for the Grant Wood Art Festival in 2002. From then on, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in graphic design, her mother said. The graphic design major had a lot of her artwork selected at various art shows at the college. She wanted to illustrate children’s books. Michelle is survived by her mother, her father, Larry Pinkston, and her two older brothers, David and Matt Pinkston. ‘‘She wanted to make a difference,’’ Renee Pinkston said. ‘‘She just wanted to do something to influence people in a good way.’’ (Obituary, 4B) Contact the writer: (319) 398-8240 or angela.meng@gazettecommunications. com

Michelle Pinkston Died Friday

Saturday, May 06, 2006

We're Praying For You Little Anhya

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Big Sister Olivia

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Larry Boy

It was a beautiful afternoon for an impromptu
barbeque with our friends Andrew and Doris and
and their two adorable children Gabby (4) and Ezekial (2).
For Nate and I it was a taste of things to come--especially
when Nate sat down in a deck chair--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A
quirky little voice came from underneath him--Nate jumped up
with a bewildered look on his face. It was priceless--much better
than a whoopy cushion--one of the kids had strategically deposited
their talking Larry doll--it may not have phased a more seasoned
parent but we're still new at this--just a reminder we can't take ourselves
too seriously. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

Who Can Refuse This Face

Sophia Update: We have been learning to smile, that will
make your day. Believe me! And no matter how bad the day has been
a simple smile will make it all worth it. We've had a really tough battle with thrush
but we are Victorious! Yesterday I think we rolled over yesterday--it was
adorable! I'll let you know when we have a repeat performence Posted by Picasa

Nap Time!

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Sophia Nerolel reporting live from Cedar Rapids. . . what do you
think the next Lisa Ling Posted by Picasa

Yeah! Hanging out with the girls

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Go Kernels

By the way taking a baby to a ball-game is a great way
to get on the Smile Cam on the Jumbotron Posted by Picasa

Ohkay I think I got it--who's on first. . . .

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