Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ndjerareou Journey

There's a reason I gave Nate a compass as a wedding present.    Travels in our blood. We learned it from our parents, both of them, as a part of a calling not just a life style.    This has never been more true than these past six months.  Nate's job has been a God send, a challenge, and an adventure for all of us. However, to date he's been home five weeks in six months, and about six days in the last two.    Personally, the road's improved my health by getting me out of the cold weather.   As a family, home has become wherever we're together.  The good news is Sophia's become a travel-CHAMP.  

Currently we're praying about our family's next step.  We're not ready to tear-up our roots in Cedar Rapids. But as a family we'd really like to spend more time together. Please join us as we pray for guidance.  We're considering renting out our home and looking for reliable couple, family, or persons.  Know anyone who's looking for a great home in a great neighborhood? Drop me a line: & help us keep our family together:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

Saturday night I was relating an story to another mom--something about her outgrowing her blankie and growing up so fast.  Point is-- Sophia heard me say "broke my heart!"  I was laughing when I said it and I didn't think she'd heard me. 

But what happened next made my heart skip a beat.  Sophia gave me a tenitive smile and said: "Mommy, you're heart broken? I'll give you 'nother one."  Cupping her little hands over her heart she scooped hers up and pressed it onto mine.

Chillin' on a Chilly Day

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something Old & Something New

Personally, I love social research and this is a powerful example. Anyone trying to find their place in the world or considering the educational choices of children should seriously check out this book. Below is a picture of the author--you have to love a guy with hair like that!
Oscar Classic and a great date movie!  
Born Yesterday, the original not the one with Melanie Griffith. . . It's fabulous mainly because of Judy Holiday! (Imagine Maryilan Monroe going on a date with Mr. Smith and they both go to Washington) This is an Oscar movie anyone would love, funny and classic.  Try it! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving. . . .being apart of  someone's world what a gift. To give is to receive. . . . 
The artwork of Lindsay Meade. Powerful on so many levels.

Mommy's In Her Happy Place Today

Honestly, the adjustment back to the cold hasn't been the easiest.  (You'll notice we never have gorgeous pictures playing with Sophia in the SNOW!)  Sophia's all over the place in terms of routine and sleep, which makes our negotiations even more interesting. At the end of the day I'm not sure who's ahead? I'm pretty sure it's not me. Personally, I think anyone who talks to children all day should have their head examined.  Between the constant movement, mood changes and kids music being played ad nauseam it's a wonder any of us comes out sane. Case in point: 

Getting a massage tonight from my mom I was lamenting my current aches and pains. I got to the issue of concentration and fatigue (I'm detoxing meds at the moment so everything is a little off--so to speak) to put it simply I remarked:
'I don't know, my heads just not on straight, at the moment.'  
'Do you have time to go see the chiropractor?' She replied.  I don't know if it's a good thing that my own mother really believes my head's not attached to my body correctly?

Later, trying to prove my point of frazzled mental abilities I pointed out that I'd just tried to put the scissors away--in the fridge! 'Don't you know?  Scissors go in the freezer?' My dad replied, without looking up.   Sigh--he gets me.  
That's the great thing about family, you always have someone to blame when you go a little nuts.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creative Tortured Souls Unite!

A muse, a magical moment, divine inspiration, whatever you like to call it.
A manifesto for creative sanity, or a personal message to me from God: breathe. 
(If you've ever had a single moment of creative doubt in your life--read & watch this)
Thanks to Allie for making my day with this note.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bliss is a place, not just a feeling

Auntie Minga to the Rescue!

I'd been tryin' to braid Sophia's hair before we went to Mexico. Ta Da! Auntie Minga came to visit and Bob's Your Uncle Sophia's sportin' the Caribbean look!  She LOVED it!  Loved the sound it made, loved having long hair, she also LOVED the fact that EVERY little girl on the beach had the same braids and beads! 

Friday, February 06, 2009

Mexico Or Bust!

Happy Birthday to Me!  Thank you all for your greetings and kind words.  Sophia and I spent my birthday in the happiest place on earth!  What an amazing place to have a 'girls day' and celebrate my 'last birthday' (ahem.)  More pictures are coming.   However with Nate landing in Cedar Rapids last Friday and then flying out hours before the Superbowl; Sophia and I have been gathering snorkel gear, doing laundry and finally taking down the Christmas tree! So my apologies for not blogging.  Today we're escaping the COLD! Heading to Exico (as Sophia says) 


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