Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ndjerareou Journey

There's a reason I gave Nate a compass as a wedding present.    Travels in our blood. We learned it from our parents, both of them, as a part of a calling not just a life style.    This has never been more true than these past six months.  Nate's job has been a God send, a challenge, and an adventure for all of us. However, to date he's been home five weeks in six months, and about six days in the last two.    Personally, the road's improved my health by getting me out of the cold weather.   As a family, home has become wherever we're together.  The good news is Sophia's become a travel-CHAMP.  

Currently we're praying about our family's next step.  We're not ready to tear-up our roots in Cedar Rapids. But as a family we'd really like to spend more time together. Please join us as we pray for guidance.  We're considering renting out our home and looking for reliable couple, family, or persons.  Know anyone who's looking for a great home in a great neighborhood? Drop me a line: & help us keep our family together:)


Sarah said...

Can't help with renters in your area, Sarah Kay, but I will definitely be praying for the Lord's direction & help with your decision making process, and of course in all of your travels! =)

Sarah Herman said...

Good luck, I sincerely hope you find someone! It gets lonely without your hubby doesn't it!


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