Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bouncing Back?

Perhaps it's the impending arrival of spring? The longer, though chilly, days? Or pure, HD, divine intervention? Personally, I think it's the latter, shaken with a twist of sunshine. Regardless, I'm finally finding energy to live the life God's given me 

One foot in front of the other, little by little. The dishes are getting done, there's money in my account, everyone's got socks and food and every other day or so I've had a quiet time AND a work-out!  

It's like MOMMY heaven! Hence the divine intervention! Looking at Nate and it's obvious a miracle is happening around here.  There aren't enough hours in the day for him to get it all done and yet he continues to move forward. It's impressive and inspiring watching him press-on literally twenty to twenty-two hours a day. 

At the same time I'm filled with thanks to God for the strength to fill in the gaps.  Finally, God's empowering me in support of our family. And I truly feel empowered.  Especially when my mother looks at me and says 'I think you're going to make it. I haven't seen you with this much energy since college.'  It's nice to know it's not in my head.   Maybe this is how we become our mothers?  Hard work and prayer?


Sarah Herman said...

I'm so glad your feeling better!!!!! We will have to do dinner sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Praise God that you are feeling good and enjoying your beautiful life. :)

Christie Cosby


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