Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Restless Groundedness or Grounded Restlessness?

The terms aren't mine, they're fellow Global Nomad & webzine creator Janera Soerel's. If you've ever felt their pull of the foreign?  The intoxicating rush that fills your soul and your senses as you enter the unknown?  The insatiable itch of an empty passport? Well, then you may share the heartbeat of the global nomad.  

Global Nomad's are typically distinguishable right off the bat because they're laid back but outgoing, even in languages other than their own.  They're interested in the people around them, but most telling of all they get hung up on the question-WHERE ARE YOU FROM?  

Personally, it's the people that have difficulty answering this question (watch for a pause while they weigh what type of answer to give--the long one or the short one? Believe me after you've had people stare when you've named an exotic location--you'd censor yourself too!) They've become my fastest friends and often my favorite people.  It's like hearing English for the first time in weeks while you're backpacking across Siberia (true story-but for another blog.) The renewing energy in finding someone who understands you. Well it's a feeling  unlike anything else.  

The only thing more powerful is when the love of your life shares your wanderlust.  I've been so blessed and we're currently in the midst of ruining our daughter for a life of stability and routine. Just ask Sophia where daddy is and she'll typically tell you he's at the airport. Followed by--he doesn't fly the plane, he just sits and looks out the window. But a wise man once said:It's unwise to seek a life of security, it leaves no room for miracles.

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Sarah Herman said...

Sooooo true, I love change and am ready for just about anything, anytime. Jim on the other hand is very much a home body. Still trying to convince him that france would be a incredible expereince, even just for a year or two. Then again so would japan, or austrailia, or Italy, or maybe India? :) (Morroco)?


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