Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wine & Whimsy

Local Ladies you should know:
Hopefully by now you've noticed that I LOVE creative people. Especially creative, women who happen to be entrepreneaurs!!  These two ladies fit that bill excellently but they're also quickly becoming very special friends!   
Lauren~Owner of the Secret Cellar, a soon to be expanding wine shop in my parents little village of Shueyville Iowa.
Dori ~Owner of Dreaming Bear Design, an art studio and gift shop that is good for the soul and the pocket book.
Another blogger well known to Pieces of Glass is Andrea Cooley, formerly of Meredith Publishing, now bravely on her own as a freelancer and a manager of sorts. Andrea and I will be collaborating on the new face of Pieces of Glass and hopefully several other projects.  With her business savvy and eye for design it's no wonder small business are seeking her out to help them spread their web-wings. The best part of working with Andrea is that I get to focus on the oh so nutty, messy, unorganized side of my brain that produces works of creativity; while Andrea has a wonderful knack for picking through the wreckage and creating order!  
On my part I'm hoping that some of my journey from type-a to Creative (her term not mine-but don't you love it) will help smooth some of Andrea's transition. Simply calling yourself a writer can be daunting enough.  Come along with us as we reinvent ourselves . . .again!  

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Sarah Herman said...

You have to email me sometime and let me know about these exciting changes in your life! Or meet up for dinner this weekend, I am doing a post for Pom wonderful representives and I need taste testers!


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