Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sound Off

You know I have finally realize its only 20 years,” my father discussing the joys of parenthood and how quickly it all seems to pass you by. “Course it took me twenty-five years to figure it out.”

Miss Fussypants—Sophia’s nickname during her three week growth-spurt. Thankfully, Nate clued into what was going on before I did. Our sweet easy baby, was suddenly eating ALL the time and only sleeping in short bits. According to the literature I read—growth spurts are important to bring the mothers milk supply up to the growing needs of baby, eating stimulates milk supply. So I’m curious what this growth spurt feels like for her? Is it simply more hunger or does she feel irritable like a teenager? That thought scared me—moodiness in my three-week old? Oh my.

The other day I found an eyelash in her eye, didn’t seem to bother her. I can’t figure out how it could not? But I’m thankful that that’s one cry I don’t have to figure out—the I have something in my eye cry? Oh boy.
Being a parent seems like a very intuitive discovery, a joint venture between Sophia, Nate and myself. Personally I think she is the one training us—maybe that’s parenting lesson #1. It also doesn’t stop when you’re child reaches a certain age—my mother rather frantically called to check up on me after two and a half days of getting my voicemail. It happened to be Sophia’s growth spurt and life as we know it was completely altered, but I appreciated the gesture on her part.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nate & Seth

Most of what Nate learned about babies he learned while
taking care of this little guy. Posted by Picasa


Sophia has a real grown-up belly button now! That's right her last real connection to me and her time in the womb simply fell out this afternoon. No fan fare, no great annoucement. Just my little girl growing-up.

Last-night Nate and I had an errand to run and I was almost giddy just to get out of the house. Sophia was asleep and Nate indulged me, we grabbed some ice cream and found a scenic overlook. It was simple, simply wonderful. Just some stolen bits of conversation, a few old memories, and just like that I was in love with husband all over again. The best part of life right now is discovering balance, a walk with my husband and a smile from my little girl. The fact that I get to have both in my life at the same time, well that reality still overwhelms me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Honk-shew Honk-shew

The little snoring noises I have grown to love from my baby girl sound just like I had describe them as a child. Last night I reached for a blanket to swaddle her in and found I’d grabbed my own baby blanket and in that moment there was something so comforting about wrapping my child in something that had brought me such comfort.

Sophia is her own soul, she looks like her father but has the stick straight, jet black hair that sets her apart from each of us. But recently as the little smile have begun to creep into her repertoire, so has the adorable habit of rubbing her nose with a swaddled fist.
That move is definitely mine. A few days ago during a particularly noisy outbreak of frustration from Sophia, Nate attempted to calm her with a bottle but casually mentioned
“You’re going to have to learn how to do this yourself someday.” And just like that Sophia swatted at the bottle sending it flying across the floor! Yep she’s my daughter—she obviously has no problem sharing her opinions!

Today, I noticed our classy living room is rapidly being taken over by baby items, swings, blankets, pacifiers are becoming regular fixtures in our world and as Nate and I have both confessed, we love every minute of it. I used to be mortified at the thought of loosing my style over to Gerber and Winnie the Pooh but now it’s just a sign that someone else has move into our house and our lives.

As for me recovery seems to one-step forward, two-steps back. I’m hanging out on the couch today because I was a little too exuberant yesterday. So many mothers kept telling me that a C-section was no problem, but I really had to greive the fact that I wouldn’t get to go into labor and deliver this precious bundle I had been entrusted with for the past nine-months. Now I don’t know if I am being callous, but how she came into the world seems like such a trivial point. Meeting my daughter and enjoying her lusty healthy cries as she came into the world is the only thing that matters.

I now truly understand our dear friends Naomi and Travis that are currently SO close to adopting two little girls from Liberia. Yes, I gave birth to Sophia, but I feel more like her mother everyday I spend with her. The life of a child is an amazing gift no matter how it enters our lives.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear Daddy

Dad dreams, he plans, he struggles
so we can have the best
his sacrifice is quiet
his life is love expressed. Posted by Picasa

I Only Have Eyes For You

 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Many Faces of Sophia

 Posted by Picasa
Posted by Picasa
This bit of overkill is just for Dana, who has been
complaining about not seeing enough of his neice.
 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa

Making faces

 Posted by Picasa

She is a hungry little one--and so we always keep a bottle
on hand just in case. I'm mainly breastfeeding
which is coming along great, it just doesn't photograph well. Posted by Picasa

The Main Attraction

 Posted by Picasa

We Love our Ducky

This little pacifier clips onto her with the
cute little duck and its a favorite in our household.
Miss Paula made Sophia two incredible blankets
but this is the gift I think she appreciates the most,
at least for now. Posted by Picasa

A day in the life of our living room

The Russell family Posted by Picasa

Nate's mother made the wonderful afgan I am sleeping
under very cozy and perfect for a mid-afternoon nap. Posted by Picasa

Most Sunday evenings we spend with our friends
Dave and Taylor--this particular evening we were thrilled
to have family from as far away as Boston and Dallas stop
by just to meet Sophia Posted by Picasa

Kisses from Cousin Lucas

 Posted by Picasa

Taylor and Sophia

Little miss drama queen--must take after her mother Posted by Picasa

Joseph and Sophia

I love this picture--even though Joseph didn't want
to be called "Uncle" I think he looks the part. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Aminchi and Sophia sleeping

 Posted by Picasa


We are gradually introducing Angel, my dog, to Sophia, my
daughter. Angel has followed closely at my heels for years, but
now its all about the baby. And when she cries-Angel looks
really worried, its cute to see her maternal side come out. Posted by Picasa

Proud Grandparents

Now that my mother has a reason to send all her
friends to this site--I figured we'd better get a decent picture of
them. They don't look excited or anything do they? Posted by Picasa

Ahh mom--knock it off.

 Posted by Picasa

Coming Home

I must say I feel better now, recovering from a C-section
and with a newborn than I did when I was 9 months pregnant.
Its good to be one person again! Posted by Picasa

First Car Ride

Most people say she looks like her daddy, but especially
when she looks this serious. Posted by Picasa

High Five

Four days old Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 11, 2006

We Love You Uncle Dana!

Sophia has two uncles in Africa, my little brother Dana
in Kenya and Nate's older brother Reuben in Chad.
My brother gave me this teddy bear years ago and I have
taken her with me everywhere. It's my favorite color and
now it sits in the rocking chair in my daughters room. The
room that Dana worked so hard on. We miss you Dana.
You're here with us in spirit. Posted by Picasa


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