Friday, April 21, 2006


"Well it is confusing because Chile is a country and a food." Said Nate to Sophia yesterday morning. I was the only one that seemed confused by the topic of their conversation until I realized they were looking at the large world map that acts as a decortive headboard in our bedroom. Nate and I have spent so many Saturday morning's staring up at Antartica that we've considered hanging it upside down. So Sophia's geography lesson's are starting early--which is important in our family--you never know where one of us is going to turn up--especially Nate's father.

"Is being a parent what you expected?" I had to laugh at this one, because this implies that either Nate or I had any expectations. At the moment the fatigue is starting to get the better of us and finishing a sentance is a great achievment--but we're starting to fall into predictable patterns.

"No, take the Porsche and keep planning our trip to Asia." Okay so this was a line from my new favorite show Gilmore Girls--but just once in my life I would like someone to say this to me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

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Center of Attention

Sunday morning after church my mother dissapears with
Sophia leaving Nate and I with and empty car seat. Yesterday
we pilled a coat a diaper bag and my purse into the seat. So imagine
my surprise when I see the little girl in the white rifling through
the car seat pulling out my purse and digging her hands under the
coats. Thankfully Nate clued in to what was going on. "Are you looking
for the baby?" She was sure there was a baby under all that stuff.
Then when she spotted my mother she grabbed a bar stool and dragged
it across the lobby. She needed to see the baby! Posted by Picasa

God Bless the Pacifier

On Saturday I realized I only had one summer outfit
for Sophia and since it was 85 degree's on Saturday I broke
out this little outfit. It was supposed to be a 6 month old outfit
and looked like a moomoo, so we put a little onsie under it and
called it a day. All morning when we were at garage sales Nate
kept getting eyed by older women--"You could just tell they wanted
to snatch her out of my arms! Those Grandma's get grabby." Posted by Picasa


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Big Smiles

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Always ready for the camera

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So Serious

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Grandpa's Favorite

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Little Lady

There are some moments when I see her
personality and she doesn't even seem like
a baby. Posted by Picasa

Our First Easter Egg Hunt

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Extreme Egg Hunt

This grown-up egg hunt lives up to its name
across one mile route a limited number of eggs
were hidden and numbered. Along with several
bonus eggs, the winner is the first person to come
across the finish line with the most eggs--no matter
how you get them. Nate was in first place until someone
stopped him to tell him his baby needed a bottle.
Yep that's parenthood--and he loved it! Posted by Picasa

The Picture of Determination

I followed this little guy on a mile long route
none of the rest of us got many eggs but you
had to admire his resolve. (It takes a steady
hand to balance ALL those eggs.) Posted by Picasa

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

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Bath TIme

When we're at home I have a sweet little baby
tub for Sophia, but when we're at Grandma's
we're old school. Posted by Picasa

Great Grandpa Helgeson

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rebels close in on Chad capital

From BBC News.

Rebels vowing to overthrow the president of Chad have moved to within 100km (65 miles) of the capital, N'Djamena, foreign sources say.
Security has been tightened in the city, with armoured vehicles and a heavy army presence on the streets.
The military says they have recaptured MongoRebels vowing to overthrow the president of Chad have moved to within 100km (65 miles) of the capital, N'Djamena, foreign sources say.
Security has been tightened in the city, with armoured vehicles and a heavy army presence on the streets.
A contingent of French troops is being reinforced, while foreign nationals are making evacuation plans.
The increased tension comes three weeks before elections expected to be won by President Idriss Deby.
The government blames Sudan for inspiring the uprising by United Front for Change (Fuc) rebels - an accusation Sudan denies.
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is "deeply concerned" by the fighting in eastern Chad, his spokesman said.
The United States said it was "deeply disturbed" by the developments, and advised Americans in Chad "to exercise extreme caution".
The government says it has regained control of Mongo, 400km (250 miles) east of the capital, after it was raided by Fuc rebels.

Chad: Ripe for a coup?
Behind Chad's rebel alliance
The government had previously denied that the Fuc had captured Mongo - the nearest it had come to N'Djamena since the six-month rebellion began.
But while the government said it had stopped the advance in Mongo, a French defence ministry source said rebels had moved to another town just 100km from the capital.
"It would seem that there have been clashes between rebel forces and Chadian soldiers," the unnamed source in Paris told the AFP news agency.
France has maintained a contingent of troops in its former colony since independence in 1960, and is providing intelligence information to the Chadian government.
It has ordered another 150 troops from Gabon to reinforce its 1,200 already in Chad.
"France sets great store by stability in Chad [and] ... reiterates its unambiguous condemnation of attempts to take power by force," a French foreign ministry spokesman said.
However the BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris says it is highly improbable that French soldiers will be called on to intervene even if the government is close to falling.
The BBC's Stephanie Hancock in N'Djamena says mobile phone networks have been cut off, which is usually an indication that there is trouble.
After an initial rush on Wednesday morning to get money from banks, most people have returned home to see what happens, she says.
Communications Minister Hourmadji Moussa Doumgor said the attack on Mongo was carried out by "mercenaries". "This government has all the resources it needs to protect its territory," he said.
The violence could undermine efforts to stabilise the situation in the neighbouring Sudanese province of Darfur and in the Central African Republic, the spokesman added.

President Deby is seeking re-election next month
Security in the country has deteriorated ahead of presidential elections scheduled for next month, our correspondent says.
In recent months, a large number of army officers have deserted to join the Fuc, a coalition of rebel groups led by Mahamat Nour from bases in Darfur.
"We have passed through the eastern borders of the countries and we are going towards the west and our objective is N'Djamena. We are advancing on three fronts," Fuc spokesman Moussa Issa told the Radio France Internationale.
The Fuc is seeking to overthrow Mr Deby, who seized power in 1990 after launching a rebellion from bases in Darfur.
The president is standing for re-election in May, but the main opposition parties say they are boycotting the vote.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mombasa or Bust!

This is my little brother in Mombasa almost 14 years ago.
(What a ham right, for a year or two while we were in
Kenya I was in major camera avoidance phase and Dana was in
cute and adorable phase, needless to say we have lotz of pictures
of Dana in Kenya.) Anyway Dana has been in Mombasa this
weekend which happened to be his birthday. I also heard
from an African site that Alicia Keys was in Mombasa this weekend/ Posted by Picasa


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