Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Fancy

Sophia's first romp in the leaves! An unknown family must have created this huge pile of leaves and we returned the favor by enjoying its depth and lounging in its crackly fun!

Hanging Around with Uncle Dana & Daddy

A day at the park--looked to the casual observer, like this little girl had a couple of playful bodyguards.

Colorful Copy Cat!

Monkey See-Monkey Do!
Monkey play with Mommy's Makeup!

Fall Fairy Princess!

What do Tu-tu's and aluminum siding have in common? Fairy princess of course! At least when you're helping the Thompson's reside their house--Sophia loves playing with their three little girls and couldn't resist a fall frolic in her feminine finery!

Someone's in the Kitchen with Mama!

Helping Mama make pumpkin bars for the Jarrets Pumpkin party.
Pumpkins, by the Pumkin, for the pumpkin!

Stolen Moments of the Season

Why do we give children suckers when we check OUT of a grocery store? Wouldn't it be smarter to give them something to eat BEFORE they were hungrily paraded down aisle after aisle of food? Just a thought!

A Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. October 6th, 2007.

What would you do with 50lbs of popcorn? Well after we'd filled every jar and tupperware we had. It became a toy! Talk about eco friendly!

The Great Escape!

Don't worry she got out! I've been cleaning up my files and came across this movie that grandma snapped a few months ago. Amazing how much she's changed since then!


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