Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simple Pleasures

"Who put these coasters AWAY? Well I better dump them out. Silly Daddy!

What do you do on a date night when your babysitter gets the flu? You order pizza and play a few games of boggle while Sophia munches happily on Cherios. Then you simply enjoy the sweet moments we have as a family. I will always have fond memories of this date simply b/c we got to just enjoy eachother as a family. (And take lotz of pictures! Enjoy)

DJ Pacifier and her Fisher Price Turntable

SirMixAlot! Have your ever rapped to Old McDonald?

Seriously, Sophia will spin and pound on this for what seems like hours. As she bangs on the buttons we get little strains of Mary Had a Little Lamb mixed with London Bridges to name a few with a little base beat for good messure! THIS IS A MISSY NDJERAREOU EXCLUSIVE! Posted by Picasa

Look Out World...Here She Comes!

"We are the Champions, my friend!"

Sophia has learned to crawl stairs, thankfully its more of a highly supervised novelty at the moment. But it's a great little work out in our two story house! She'll sleep well tonight! Posted by Picasa

Splish! Splash! I Was Takin' A Bath!

"Rubber Ducky. . .You're the One. . ." Posted by Picasa

"Hey! What is this the Paparazi??"

"I'm serious--can't a girl get a little privacy?"

Daddy Time. . . sugar & spice & everything nice that's what little girls are made of Posted by Picasa

Little Ears. . .

This is Garmai, the daughter of my friend Naomi! One of Sophia and I's favorite people. Naomi sent me this little story and I had to share--it gives me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to!

Garmai's been "talking" on her Strawberry Shortcake phone an awful lot lately. She brings it everywhere she goes! And my friend Sarah seems to be the most popular person in my household right now. She's on the phone with her from morning to night. Today she was talking to her and I told her she needed to put her coat on. She told Sarah she would need to call her back and then hung up. Then after she put her coat on she called Sarah back and said, "Sorry Sarah, I'm back."

Then in the car a little later I heard her "leaving Sarah a message" on Sarah's voicemail, apparently. Then a minute later Sarah called her back and Garmai asked her, "So, did you get my message? We're on our way to the store right now."

Every day I become more aware of the "little me" I'm creating! They pick up everything!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Its a Great Big World Out There Little Girl

Saturday afternoon, Sophia was standing on the floor at the bottom of the stairs concentrating really hard. You could almost see her thinking,"There has got to be a trick to this?" The girl definitely achieves what she sets her mind to--a couple of minutes later she had a huge smile on her face because she was standing ON the bottom step!

Now the child-proofing has begun in earnest. Starting with learning the word No! I wouldn't force the issue if it wasn't SO obvious that she understands. She gets praised when she obeys, but sometimes its more fun when Mommy says NO. In fact, she really likes the little game we play. Laughing, as she crawls towards the hanging chord from the ironing board, wondering how close she'll get this time before Mama picks her up and tries to distract her. I've child-proofed much of our house so this was all new to her and must have been enticing b/c she tried to come at it several times and from three separate directions, thinking maybe this time Mama won't say no? You really realize how smart your child is when she's doing something she's not supposed to. . .It's amazing! Posted by Picasa


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