Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mommy's In Her Happy Place Today

Honestly, the adjustment back to the cold hasn't been the easiest.  (You'll notice we never have gorgeous pictures playing with Sophia in the SNOW!)  Sophia's all over the place in terms of routine and sleep, which makes our negotiations even more interesting. At the end of the day I'm not sure who's ahead? I'm pretty sure it's not me. Personally, I think anyone who talks to children all day should have their head examined.  Between the constant movement, mood changes and kids music being played ad nauseam it's a wonder any of us comes out sane. Case in point: 

Getting a massage tonight from my mom I was lamenting my current aches and pains. I got to the issue of concentration and fatigue (I'm detoxing meds at the moment so everything is a little off--so to speak) to put it simply I remarked:
'I don't know, my heads just not on straight, at the moment.'  
'Do you have time to go see the chiropractor?' She replied.  I don't know if it's a good thing that my own mother really believes my head's not attached to my body correctly?

Later, trying to prove my point of frazzled mental abilities I pointed out that I'd just tried to put the scissors away--in the fridge! 'Don't you know?  Scissors go in the freezer?' My dad replied, without looking up.   Sigh--he gets me.  
That's the great thing about family, you always have someone to blame when you go a little nuts.  


Sarah Herman said...

Oh I so know how you feel right now, I put the malt vinegar packets in the ice maker bucket from dinner take out. Jim went to get some ice and ask how they got there? Umm I don't know? :)

Annika said...


Celeste said...

I, too, have tried putting things in strange places, particularly when my children are making all kind of ruckus around dinnertime. Travis caught me trying to put the milk in the pantry after I caught myself trying to put it in the cabinet.


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