Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Nate and I offically placed our home on the market--in hopes of a quick sale so that our family can move into the home we've placed an offer on!
This adorable home has been such a gift for our growing family. Nate moved in two-weeks before we were married in 2005 with only a sleeping bag and a dorm fridge. Since then we've turned the partially finished basement into living quarters for his family when their in town, the spare bedroom became a nursery and my book was written in the office.
Its gone from being a condo to a home--a place of memories and family. Nate and I will miss all the friends we made here and the low maintence yard work. This year was the first year I ever gardened but I loved only focusing on the flowers and never having to mow or water (oh yeah built-in sprinklers!) We will also miss the ample room we had to adjust to cohabitating with a member of the opposite sex. This is the perfect starter-home for anyone looking to get a foothold in life. A diverse neighborhood, and great neighbors make it a very special place in our hearts.

Check it out at http://www.fsbolocal.com/viewPropertyAd.htm?id=10820

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Katie said...

What a great home! It's fun to see these so I know where to picture you all... well if only for a while longer...



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