Thursday, June 28, 2007

Complete Life Starter Kit CHEAP

Buy this beautiful, hassle-free town home and get a well-loved Honda Civic free!
Repairs and towing rates apply, void in some states.

Call right now and receive an adorable, teething, runny nosed, drawer emptying, soda spilling toddler while supplies last!

1-800-that's life!

Visa, MasterCard and all vacation homes accepted!

Just Kidding!
New pictures coming soon:


Anonymous said...

your selling a civic too?!

Sarah Kay said...

We hadn't planned on it till the Civic ended up in the shop. It was only some standard repairs that needed to happen but it got us thinking???? We may be open to offers. . .and if it will get the house sold. . .oh yeah! Make us an offer!


Anonymous said...

more pics of the house?

Sarah Banowetz said...

We tried to sell our house last year through and loved their business. The house didn't sell - but that was b/c of us, not them. Just an FYI.


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