Monday, February 04, 2008

What We Can Do Now?

For those of us separated from loved ones, time seems to be another enemy. The church where Rueben has set up camp is overflowing with weary Chadians fleeing the current conflict. Many of these are people who struggle for survival under normal circumstances. Since violence errupted without any of the normal warning signs--even Rueben and others working for Exxon Mobile are caught without means to feed and care for the thousands pouring over the border.
Family on the ground report that the UNHCR has been unable to respond to the influx of people due to the suddeness of the action. Thanks to the fellow body of Christ opening its arms to our family and friends finding safety in a local church. Nate and I are in the process sending support to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Anyone looking to support the Ndjerareou family and the Chadian people can assist us in sending cash donation to Rueben so that he can minister directly to the church officials who are absorbing the refugees filling up their compound. A paypal account is being set up specifically for this purpose and any resources are appreciated.
Thank you again for your prayers and support as we try to help our loved ones so far away.
Please feel free to contact Nate ( for details.

Also please feel free to use this site to leave words of encouragement, questions or information requests on family members. Dear Lord-Please protect your people!

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