Saturday, February 09, 2008

Intimate View

When two become one, each is introduced to a new world. No matter if you are of different religions, occupations or race. Gender difference alone can necessitate delicate diplomacy. The benefits of being a foreigner amongst Chadians is the opportunity to observe values and beliefs from everyday actions.

I wanted to share with all of you the respect I have for the Chadian people. That you may know personally the people you've been lavishing such support.
Chadian hospitality starts with tea and ends with a meal. Always, every time, no exceptions. Chadian men (at least the Christians) respect their women. Custom dictates they can choose who they marry. Chadian women receive equal rights and sit at the highest levels of government and civilian offices.Chadian men are rarely prone to public display's towards their wives, only because their busy being affectionate toward children or others. Chadian men make incredible fathers, responsible and involved in the most everyday aspects of parenthood.

According to culture, to serve is to respect and hospitality seems to be a genetic trait. So is laughter, even tribal language has been structured to maximize a punch line. Politics and religion aren't taboo subjects for social conversation and if you can make it into a joke--even better. Scarcity of food and political upheaval have created a population where presence and loyalty are everything.

According to custom, if a friend is leaving your home and asks you to accompany him or her, one would gladly walk them half way home. Walk a mile with a Chadian and you have a friend for life. This little detail encapsulates much of the heart of this loving and warm people. All that to say I can't imagine a people more deserving of your help and prayers. Because of you Africans can help each other, especially those who simply need a leg up. Thank you for walking a mile with us. May God bless you.

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the dreamer said...

"Walk a mile with a Chadian and you have a friend for life". I love that one. Thank You Sarah for all!


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