Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updates From Chad and PayPal Information.

02/05/08: This is Nate. I've spoken to Reuben multiple times throughout the day. More people are crossing the border into Kousseri, Cameroon. Reuben, in his role as Human Resources advisor for ExxonMobile, is currently working almost non-stop from Exxon's temporary offices in Kousseris, Cameroon to evacuate ExxonMobile workers further into Cameroon. They are getting transport buses to move the remaining workers. Reuben is also still trying to locate other friends and colleagues. The situation in N'djamena is calm but unstable. We are just waiting to see what comes next.

My uncle Nathan and his family remain in their home in N'djamena. They are thus far safe. So thanks for your prayers.

Sarah and I have already sent a lump sum via Western Union this morning which will help in feeding those in Reuben's immediate area. We do have more pledge money that I will be sending once I receive word that they actually got their hands on the money. I am sending the money not in Reuben's name but in the name of Christophe Hadama who is the pastor of the Church where Reuben is camping out.

Reports from various news agencies says that the United Nations is setting up a refugee camp about 30KM from Kousseri which will be able to handle approx. 100,000 refugees.

Thank you to all of you who inquired about donating to help Reuben and the refugees that are amassing on the border. I have set up a paypal account for Chad Refugee Crisis 08. If you want to donate, you will need to e-mail me at nathanael.ndjerareou@gmail.com with the amount you would like to donate. I will then send you a Paypal request for donation.

Reuben and I are maintaining a SpreadSheet of donations and what the money was used for or who it was given to. Once things are assessed, we will be happy to share that with you on an ongoing basis or at some point in the future. Feel free to request it at anytime.

Thanks so much for your prayer support and thoughts especially. Money is only a minor tool that God uses. We much appreciate; however, prayer is the most powerful and we can use that the most.

Also, we recieved word that my father was able to get on the Madagascar - Paris flight. Once in Paris he will assess the situation and determine if he can or should continue to N'djamena or purchase another ticket to Yaounde the capital city of Cameroon.

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