Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Crazy

More really!
Things to do during ANOTHER gray,wet, icy,yucky, sleepy, day:
Make coffee (maybe get Yoga in before Sophia wakes up-I've tried to do it with her but just ended up on the floor laughing)
Cuddles in mom's bed-somehow the warmest room in the house.
Watch Sesame Street (At least Elmo's World-on at precisely 9:50--this is important knowledge)& eat breakfast--in mom's bed, of course. It's a bright-spot in a gray day
Dance--Sophia has her own play list complete with Itsy Bitsy Spider--Dan Zane (if you know who he is you're definitely a parent) and so on.
Color, Clean or Bake cookies--Sophia LOVES to cook
Dance some more--this time to music from Highschool Musical. Complete with hats and funky sunglasses! (so that I can clean the kitchen)
More coffee--Mommy's Juice as we call it!
Watch COUS COUS! or Blues Clues--For those who speak Sophia.
(for mom to get caught up on laundry-make bed-email)
Here we play a game of basketball--thanks to Uncle Banga! Unfortunately Sophia can't understand why she can throw the ball AT the hoop--but can't throw anything else. Especially something AT anything.
Head down into Mom's Laboratory--Calling it a craft room would give it too much structure.
It is where I paint, or sew, or make greeting cards that never get mailed for lack of a stamp.
It's also where Sophia has her own lab and cooks (she makes a mean cup of coffee) colors, or paints (I've discovered that old grocery bags are the perfect canvas! She takes the colored water I wash my brushes in and paints me all sorts of pictures.
Head back-upstairs to make lunch & you guessed it DANCE.
After we hose Sophia down from lunch--I really need to get some bigger bibs. On major snow days-we may actually still be in p.j.s (this may seem like sloth--but with any luck we'll only have to wear 2 outfits in a day--instead of 3 or 4 depending.
It's time to cuddle again this time with some very specific requirements. (At least one blankie, pacie, and a book) If we're feeling good we sing Jesus Loves Me and lay down for a nap. At least I think she's napping, every time I go to get her out she's got more books in her crib! I don't know how she does it?
Now its my time! Time to shower, get in a quiet time, catch-up my to-do-list, write. There's always more to do than time. Today I googled AL Gore---WHERE'S MY GLOBAL WARMING!?!? But on a day as gray as today--you can be sure of one thing. There will be coffee! (Those that have known me for a while may notice the absence of Diet Coke--what can I say I'm on a health kick!)
Sometime after Sophia wakes up is snack time. She usually announce this by taking my hand and saying "Com'on-hungy, PLEASE!" Often it's Sophia favorite snack "Pop-pop!" (popcorn for you lesser mortals--popped in the pot not the microwave.)
Somehow my day seems much more sane on paper---must be because of my omission of all the little oopsies--Here-Go's--toddler arguments--bribing with Pooh or George video's --all of Sophia's "help" in the kitchen etc. . .I have to admit I'm getting more and more lenient as we've been looking for ways to pass the days.
This is about the time of day when my patience is frazzled and all the things I didn't get done are weighing on my mind. So it's no wonder that we celebrate Daddy's return like a knight coming home from war! My handsome hero also takes over child-care duties so that I can cook and catch up. (any wonder why I love to cook--its wonderful to focus again on something so creative) Ever since she's been a few months old his goal's been to "wear her out." Ironically, she ends up winning and I typically have to go rouse him. Exhausted after entertaining-bathing-settling-and singing to Sophia. (One of these days I'm going to figure out if he's the one slipping her all the books)

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