Sunday, February 10, 2008

02/10/08 Happy Birthday Banga / Chad Update from Nate and Sarah

Sarah and I want to wish our brother Reoubanga Joseph Ndjerareou a happy birthday. February 10 is one of the many special days in the Ndjerareou family. Thanks for your support Banga and being there for mom during these tough and uncertain times. You are a great brother, son, uncle, cousin... . We're proud of your recent graduation from Iowa State and are proud of your internship. We are not looking forward to the day that you have to leave for boot camp in June and then on to Army training but we know that you are in God's hand. That is the US Army by the way.

At 2:00 AM US central time, Sarah and I were able to get a hold of my dad. He was literally on the tarmac boarding a CamAir flight for northern cameroun. It has taken exactly a week to change his original ticket and reach the destination due to the cancellation of Air France flights to Chad. His route has been Madagascar to Paris, France to Douala, Cameroun. Now it will be Douala, Cameroun to Yaounde(capital of cameroun) to another city in Cameroun then finally Garoua, Cameroun. From the city of Garoua, he will be taking a taxi bus to Kousseri Cameroun to finally meet up with Reuben. He is traveling from Douala with Papa Renee Daidanso.

Someday I will put a picture of the route on a map. What a trip. We are thankful he had a couple of days to rest in Douala though before he heads to ground zero.

Thank you for your prayers as the Lord has again favorably answered our request that he and Renee get a flight today. Not easy to do, especially in times like these.

  • The picture above came directly from Reuben. These are Chadians using canoes to cross over from Chad to Cameroun during the initial days of the conflict as the bridge was packed (picture in earlier post below). He was at an internet cafe in Kousseri which had terrible connections. Because of this he could not get all the pictures sent that he wanted to send. He finally just gave up and didn't think any of the pictures made it. But this one did. I was hoping to have pictures of the food distribution at Pastor Christophe's church to share with all of you. Reuben said he was going to try again tomorrow (which at the time I am writing this, is today). Hopefully he can get them here and I can post them soon. I really want all of you to see how you have directly touched people's lives and how God, through you, gave many people hope when the situation was at its worst.

  • I have spoken to Reuben at least 5 times since my last post. He is doing well. The last time I spoke with him, at 9:30PM US Central time. He was taking one of the women, who has taken refuge at Pastor Christophe's church, to the hospital in Kousseri to give birth. It was interesting talking to Reuben while he was driving a woman in Labor to the doctor. One of the many stories I won't forget for a long time. As soon as dad and him meet up I will let you guys know. Many thanks from both my dad and Reuben to all of you.

  • Aid agenices (World Vision, UNHCR, World Food Program and others) are in the area now and are doing their best to keep up. This week we raised 5,971.00 from grass roots support. We will continue to keep you all updated and just as soon as I possibly can, I will e-mail those who have donated more detailed information. Thank you again.
The article below is one the latest news items I have found in regards to chad. It was published on line 5 minutes before the publish time of this blog posting.
Thanks again. Continue to pray and we'll be in touch.
Nate and Sarah

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