Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Uneasy Calm Over N'djamena

Pictures are from under the Chad Unrest Slideshow.

02/06/08 4:10 AM: Just got off the phone with Reuben. N'djamena is relatively quiet although there is still a lot of uncertainty. Just a quick glance on google news, in the world section, and there are over 2,200 articles regarding the latest fighting not to mention the numerous blogs and web sites.

The local authorities in Chad are telling residents that they can head back into the city; however, we remain cautious as there are reports that the rebels are not that far off and could attack again. Only the next few days will tell.

Reuben is still verifying the receipt of the initial funds we sent. When I spoke with him he was on his way to Western Union. It is not easy getting around as the small border town of Kousseri has swelled with thousands of people over the last few days. As soon as I get confirmation that Reuben and Pastor Christophe have indeed received the funds I will post the news.

Also, my dad is still in Madagascar. He was told he would be able to fly out at least to Paris but at the airport he was again told he couldn't board. He is now looking to get to Cameroon at the very least.

I have been talking to many friends and family all over the world. Thanks for your support.


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