Monday, February 04, 2008

Family Update:Chad/Monday Morning

6:30 am 02/05/08
Nate spoke to Rueben-their maternal grandmother has made it safely over the border to Cameroon, along with thousands of others. Radio France estimates 50,000-100,000 people leaving N'djamena for other countries like Cameroon.
We're still waiting to hear about assorted other family groups like Uncle Nathan and Aunt Caroline and their family. Our prayers are that they're among the frey taking refuge in Cameroon.

As you can imagine its incredibly difficult to sit here in the snow nd hear reports of dire circumstances so far away. But nothing brings reality closer to home than hearing your big brother say "Hey Nate, I'm a refugee!" At the moment Rueben is looking for a Western Union in Cameroon so that we can send him funds as he's providing for many of our family that have fled with him.

We're all so thankful for your prayers! We know that God's in control, regardless of how desperate the situation looks. Although we're wondering what we can do so far away, we're greatly comforted knowing that you're joining us in prayer!

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