Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Initial Funds have Arrived in Kousseri, Cameroon

02/06/08: At 7:10 AM central US time, I received a call from Reuben letting me know that the initial funds that we transfered using Western Union had indeed arrived and that Pastor Christophe Hadama was able to get the money.

Reuben says that there are some people who are moving further into Cameroon, others are venturing back into Chad and many are staying put. I do not have any estimates in terms of numbers of people in each of those categories. The latest news, from several sources, puts the estimates of Chadian refugees in Kousseri, Cameroon at around 20,000.

There was a French mirage fighter jet patroling the border of Chad Cameroon as I was speaking with Reuben. Not sure what the exact situation is vis a vis the government and the rebels. The Chadian government is stating that have complete control.

Even if people go back to chad, the infrastructure has been so badly damaged that resources will be scarce for a while yet.
Reuben is keeping me up to date, I just hung up with him 10 minutes ago. I have a reserve fund of donations that I will send once Pastor Christophe and Reuben let me know when and are able to effectively use the funds that we have already sent.

I also spoke with my mom this morning. My father called her and the latest is that he was able to change his ticket to Madagascar-Paris-Doula, Cameroon. Not sure what the departure time was for the trip. As soon as I get the confirmation that he is in Paris I will post it.

All right that's it for now. Thanks for your prayers and e-mail notes of encouragement, they are much appreciated. I am pretty much living on Chadian time with a few hours of sleep here and there.



Phyllis said...

I found your blog today. Thank you for keeping up to date on news from Chad--it's hard to find anything out. We lived in Ndjamena 1997-2000, working with SIL, have met your parents. Praying now!

merey kay said...

hey- i'm reading and praying. if anyone still reads my blog, i've diverted them over here. love you guys.


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