Monday, February 04, 2008

Message from Baba (Nate's father)

Dear beloved brothers /Sisters and prayer partners

As you have heard over the News, a civil war broke out again in Chad and right in the Capitale in Ndjamena, between the government army and the rebels coming from the North Eastern part of the country. This war is similar to the 1979 war which put Chadians out of their country for over 5 years. As I am writing these lines to you, Rev Dadanso René called me from a Cameroun cell phone and gave me the latest news about the situation in Ndjamena: the rebels were pushed out of the city and remain not far and are preparing another violent attack any time. The governments troops occupied strategic areas in the city and ready to attack any time as well. Families are fleeing toward the south and also to the neighboring city of Cameroon across the river. Four political opponents were arrested and took to an unknown destination (France radio information). The central market was burn down and parts looted as well as major stores. The national radio was burned and all communications (cellular phones ) were cut off; only line phones can be reached after several trials. In summary the situation is very tense. The worse for the population can come any time. But I know you are all praying, and I thank you for numerous messages I have been receiving . This shows how much you care.

This morning I meditated on the family of God , that is we are members of the body of Christ (John 13:35; 1Cor 12:26). You are with us in what is going on in Chad, in Kenya and elsewhere. Thank you and continue to pray because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD! In fact that was the theme of the message the Lord has given me to preach on the Christmas day of December 25th, 2007 , when president Idriss Deby, all his cabinet , the Primer Minister and all the ministers decided to celebrate the past Christmas with Christians in Chad after 16years in power. I preached, and our General Secretary of the Fellowship of Evangelical in Chad, pastor Ngarndeye Bako delivered a courageous message of PEACE to our authorities, calling them to put down their arms of destruction and seek peace and reconciliation with one another. The president was touched and spoke very well about the position of evangelicals. Now we are wondering whether the message was really heard!! But yes the authorities heard the message of peace in Jesus Christ. We trust that the Lord is reminding them that there is another way to make peace than the arms killing one another.

I am here in Madagascar not knowing when the airport will be opened for me to return. I might request a rerouting to go through Douala, Cameroun. But I am ready to respect the Stop of God at this time. Reuben my older son was in Jos, Nigeria and has arrived in Kousseri, the Cameroun boarder and will remain there. The relatives in our house headed toward the south. Priscille is at this time in the States with our daughter who is finishing up her schooling.
Continue to pray for Chad, for the authorizes, the suffering population, the church leaders for mediation, and for myself for wisdom and peace of mind as I am far away from my country and my people.

We are together in the Lord's Harvest, and in the ministry of Reconciliation and Peace.
Abel Ndjerareou

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