Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Little Piggy. . .Gave Me A FleshWound

I think I've discovered you CAN start teaching your kids about saving TOO SOON.
Sophia recently developed an affection for a little piggy bank that fit in the size of your hand. I figured I'd try it as a "teaching moment." I should have realized these were Kamikaze pigs after the first one met its end before we even left the store. (Probably the real reason I bought it--after she'd shattered one--we'll the least we could do was take a whole one home.)
The first couple of days it was cute--she slept with it, made Mommy carry it around so she wouldn't drop it. Then I got the bright idea that we should actually put $ in it. Any $ we found cleaning would go into the piggy bank. I should have noticed the chip in piggy's ear and realized that this may not be the best object lesson. No--thankfully I'm too hard headed. This morning when we were putting three pennies in piggy (a treat we'd found in mommy's pocket) I was attempting to explain why we don't put the $ in and take it right out. I didn't think it would hurt if she even shook the piggy--I thought she was listening to all her money inside. That is until the piggy connected with my head and blood started to trickle into my eyes.

Now our slightly chipped-$ loaded piggy is sitting safe on her highest shelf and mommy is sporting an eyebrow band-aid that makes me look more like Nelly than I ever wanted to in my life. I think we're going to teach saving when she's a little older. Today though, we got a great lesson in first aid and the importance of saying sorry. Oh well, live-learn-and always have band-aids on hand.


Katie said...

Oh you poor thing! We match now! Jack cracked me over the head with his janitor broom and I have a black eye! (Well, I didn't bleed. So you win.)

My grandmother's friend let her child play with her ear and a q-tip and I won't finish that story... but WHY do we let them do these things... is it because we'e great,adventurous parents or have LOST our minds??

Julie said...

Oh man, that had to hurt!! I can't imagine having blood trickling into my eyes!

You crack me up, saying the comment about looking more like Nelly than you've ever wanted to! :)


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