Sunday, February 17, 2008


36 inches to date! When I was a kid-snow days were a blissful treat. This winter we've had more snow and below freezing weather than any winter in the last 8 years. The cities are running out of salt. The grocery stores have run out of milk & bread more times than we can count. And the school kids have had so many snow days they'll be going to school durring the summer.

Nate's sure that Iowa has become Narnia and keeps telling me we have to find the ice queen! He's not the only one that's loosing it. Personally, I feel like I've been placed under house arrest. Sophia and I have holed up in the basement watching so many movies I'm afraid I'll rot her brain by the time spring comes! Take a deep breath outside and you get an ice cream headache in February!

Even us Iowans who are used to grueling winters have had enough---you can tell how defeated Mid-Westerners are by how quickly they cancel things due to weather. Every year we get a coupple bad snowstorms but it rarely slows us down. This year though we've been beaten down, chewed up and spit out. Too many days of freezing rain, no sun, bitting temperatures and feet of snow. That's right I said feet. Needless to say we're ready to throw in the towel.

When the weather man informed us of this latest storm-front we all threw up the white-flag. Course no one could see it in the piles and piles of snow, or through the blinding whiteness. After such a nasty winter none of us were placing our big-toe outside unless we have too. We haven't even questioned the weather man--this year he'd be the kinda guy you'd want to take to Vegas. He's showing up big -rack'en up the numbers. Thankfully we've had a couple warm days that have melted off one or two rounds of accumulated snow banks (creating spooky fog that lasted for days) otherwise the entire city would be lost under the mounds of crsytalized water. Needless to say I've had it--I think I'm going the way of hibernation untill all the snow is gone. At this rate--that may mean July!

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Sarah said...

Quit hogging all the snow! =P At least just slice us off some off the top & ship it to NC. =) We need the water in any form we can get it, and our kids haven't had enough snow yet this year for a decent snowman or snow angels!!


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