Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is the Life

Sophia's firt flip flops--she's not sure what to think of something between toes.

Za Plane--Za Plane
I have a wonderful husband--I knew it before but when Nate flew us down to visit friends just outside Orlando--well that's what I call love! The sunshine and 84 degree temp has been the best medicine to our souls. Even Sophia (who just started to cut her 2 year molar's) has been full more joyful. Early this morning we headed down the road to a state park that has a natural spring--We didn't plan to go swimming but we couldn't keep Sophia out of the water. So we went native-stripping off her shirt and looking like an Everglades baby. We had so much fun introducing her to sand & gecko lizards.
The best moment for me, was seeing Nate & Sophia kicking the soccer ball around in the back yard. It just melted my heart--some of you know that we tried to sell our house so that we could have a backyard. No regrets--but hearing her giggle and love running made me so thankful for this sunny escape.

Katie & Shuan's place in Apopka Florida-


merey kay said...

is that a union jack i spot on nate's hat? aussie aussie aussie, oy oy oy!

Julie said...

I am SO SO glad y'all (how's that for a reminder of the south) came to visit!! I'm really happy too, that you had such a fun time, and had nice weather for the most part. I loved getting to meet you & Sophia, and only hope Nate will be there next time.... :)


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