Monday, March 10, 2008


No, this wasn't something overheard on a playground. It actually came out of my mouth--and I must confess the moment it did I understood the importance of such childish boundry setting. And will also admit I was slightly thankful to be able to sum up the extent of my feelings with such effective accuracy!

Ohkay, I'm a little ashamed of myself but you weren't here. You don't know! It seemed fitting after a LONG day of toddler isms. Sophia is a delightful little girl--with a WHOLE lotta personality! After spending the better part of the morning in a hostage-like tea party. I was trying to redeem my afternoon over the vocal objections of Sassy, who thought my time would be much better spent at her beck & call.

I'm not sure if she's simply bored (still trapped inside despite the sun) or parroting my suggestions and requests for her, but the incessant focused demands of exactly where I should play, how I should play, what we should eat, when we should eat, what we wear, when we wear it and how we wear it (oh yeah I said we)--just pushed me over the edge!

So tonight it was all about tag-team parenting. Nate walks in the door, sees a crumpled and defeated looking mother, and a snotty-nosed, but adorably feisty two-year old basking in the glory of her victory over mom's defenses and better-judgement. This was definitely a bubble-bath night. Too bad I don't have a descent tub, (mine's tiny and filled with duck or squeeky turtles-not exactly a ladies luxury ecsape.) After being relieved of my duties as mommy, I settled for the next best thing to a bubble-bath. A quiet moment, a deep breath, not having to do the dishes, and getting to watch Lipstick Jungle (my guilty indulgence.) Thankfully, Sophia didn't notice much of my frustration since Daddy is so wonderful at night-time, dinner-time & bath-time. I was given a much needed time-out. After that, life seems bearable again.

Plus, I have all-night to prepare for another day of Toddler Wars! Tune in next time to hear our heroine say: Sassy, I'm not going to tell you again! We don't pour juice into Spaghetti Oh's! And NO it doesn't go in our hair thank you very much!


Julie said...

This was hilarious--my favorite part was your taking part in the "hostage-like tea party!!" I can so imagine the scene....

The Durbin Family said...

OH, I hear you! Some days I feel like yelling, "I AM THE MOMMY!!!" :) Sounds like Sassy needs a little brother or sister to boss around. I'm just saying... :) :) :) (I know, that's all you need...double teaming!!)

Kim said...

Girl, it was so fun to read this post because I could actually hear you saying each and every single word. I have days like that too, don't we all. Thank the Good Lord for husbands who are good at the night time rituals.

Missing you already!

Sarah said...

I feel for you, really. I can even picture the tea party. Just imagine it's a 3.5 yr old boy, a "construction site", and you're supposed to drive the trackhoe just right....and your 11 month old wants you to sit down & nurse...... All I can say is THANK HEAVEN for wonderful Daddies! John has saved me from the brink many days - I can even pinpoint the moment he is due to arrive home. This evening, I opened the front door just in time to see my knight in shining armor (OK, my wonderful hubby in his green civic) come over the the rescue!


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