Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To Annika with love. . .

From Katie:
"Since late 2005, four other young mommies and I have been sharing our hearts and prayers daily through email, each of us taking one day of the work week to write the email prayer. It started as a group established specifically to pray for our spouses and their needs and desires- and- of course- as happens with a group of women, spread to cover many other topics and trials throughout the years...

The most interesting part about us, perhaps, is that
Annika and SK had never met Kim and Julie, and I was the only one who knew all "in the flesh." Only God would connect these lives to know each other in a very intimate way having never heard each other's voices but only read each other's words. Only God would connect "strangers" to pray for each other's children and husbands by name, and then let us meet three years later! I'm getting ahead of myself...

One of the families got to head this way for a business conference her husband had in Juno Beach! A get-together was an obvious MUST. It was also bittersweet, though, as one of us was missing (well many were missing if you count her two children, too,) so this video is for her, to say we miss and love you and wish you were here, Annika!! "

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