Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watching His Back

Events this past week impressed on me the frailty of the human condition. To date, I have intimate knowledge of my own weakness, yet somehow it's taken almost three years and the loss of a dear family friend to realize that my husband is simply a man. At home, between providing for our needs, singing his daughter to sleep, and being the loving center of my world, it's easy to see him as invincible.

Thankfully, there is beauty in acknowledging our limitations. In that moment my role as wife evolved. Not only am I a partner, commited to love and serve Him as Christ demonstrated to us. The day we gave our lives to God as one, before Him, I was given a sacred task to be his spiritual-wingman, if you will.

If my husband is a soldier, brave--yet finite, then my job is to watch his back, to provide prayer cover against the daily assaults. A part of the privilege of living intimately alongside him is that I'm witness to the tough days, when life just seems too big. This is when my mission is vital, and I thank God for the honor to fight along side such a noble, honorable man.

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