Monday, March 03, 2008

Between a rock & a hard place. . .Sassy's adventures in a big kids bed

Staying with the big kids can be tough. Thankfully my little Sassafras is a trooper and can't wait to be a big kid. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping arrangements this weekend. The first night Sassy (a name she's earned) tried to sleep in Jack's crib she spent most of the night screaming! Since Katie & the kids were out of town, Nate & I simply turned off the monitor and let her cry herself to sleep. The second night when we put up the pack-in-play in Evan's room and you would have thought we were asking her to eat bugs! Thankfully Evan was already hoping to sleep somewhere else so he was obliged to crash with his sister. This made it Sophia's first night in a big bed. After a couple of false starts she almost had it until I heard a thump. Strike one--I found her on the floor. Much, much, later I happened to hear a little voice in the darkened house. Mommy! Daddy! Sophia had wandered out of bed and was roaming the house looking for us. Strike two.

Strike three was a little more dramatic--after napping for quiet a while I happened to walk past her door and hear "Noooooooo, mommyeeee!" Peaking in Evans room I was horrified to see Sophia's head sticking up from the side of the bed and realized she was wedged between the wall and the mattress. Stuck fast! The second I realized she wasn't hurt--well then it was too funny for words. I told ya she's a trooper--she crawled right back up into that man-eating bed and went right back to sleep!
Maybe we're ready for a big bed after all?

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Linda Darjean said...

Big bed switch, I hear it can be interesting. We are fully transitioned and it was a breeze, but Hannah is also compliant. So we shall see how it goes when abigail gets to this age. Hannah still goes to bed when she is told, and does not get out of bed unless she calls one of us to come and get her....even though she could just walk right out of her bed and open the door and walk right out of her room! I hear being compliant is a first born trait so maybe it wont be a rough transition, but I dont know how many of those birth order traits I believe, kids are kids. i am SO glad you got some sun! yeah for nate! let me know how it goes if you do transition to a big girl bed. Soph is a trooper, she will do great when you are ready!!! i like to call her little nate! but i will start calling her sassy!! i like that!


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