Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look out world. . .

Here comes my big girl. . .This is a picture of Sophia's little girl room.
After sleeping in Evan's big boy bed this past week in Florida--I knew it was time to make the change. I'm sure Sophia was ready for it a while ago but I really enjoyed it when she'd play contendedly in her crib till I was ready for her every morning. As if to confirm my notion--she managed to climb out of her crib this morning and remind me that this was NOT her nap time. Well when you're up all night--mommy needs a nap! Was my reply. Poor kid she's cutting her two year molars & got a cold--she's not happy and neither are any of us. Shaun McDonnell remarked wisely that if adults teethed like kids, we'd miss two weeks of work. I don't know why we give kids $ when they loose their teeth, the hard part is getting the, Where's the tooth fairy when you need her! Sophia was taking an early nap so that we could go out to lunch with Nana & Papa for their birthday's. (Sophia & Papa share the same birthday.)
Needless to say she was very upset with me and I couldn't help but see the paralells between God and us. God, please help me trust you--don't let me pout about the things I don't understand that I may be pleasently surprised when you bless me. Please help me to realize that much of life is simply preparation for your blessings.

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Katie said...

Oh my goodness, her room is SO cute!!


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