Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes, I'm a Mac Now

A Greencard and a Mac in the same month??  Feels like Nate & I just got electricity and running water--woohoo welcome to the 21st century!  Seriously, anytime I wanted to check a blog or my e-mail you would've thought I was trying to hack into the CIA the way my PC reacted.   "THIS SITE DOES NOT HAVE CURRENT SECURITY CERTIFICATE--DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE?  WEBSITE NOT FOUND>>ERROR 23123  @#$%!   
I check these sites multiple times a day--well you get the picture.  So today the Fed Ex man delivered my new Mac Book and I'm flirting with .Mac.  I have to admit, I feel like I'm in another country--even plugging it in was strange.  Strange & genius at the same time!  You have no idea how cool the plugin system is!   Don't worry, I'm not trying to brag or convert anyone. I guess I'm just getting more comfortable with the being an artist. Now it's time to work like one.  Tips appreciated! Will be interesting to see if anyone notices a difference?   
(I promised Nate I would actually read the instruction manuel--but I don't have to--it has these really cool tutorial videos! )


merey kay said...

sarah. welcome to the world of the awesome. i'm working on a post to my macbook as well. look forward to seeing what you think of the operating system!
and yes, the plugin system is enough to skip about with joy. so glad you're on the boat.

twentysomethingponderings said...

i second the welcome to the wonderful world of mac. i can't imagine ever going back to a pc, but i'm spoiled and have a mac at work and home. it's so wonderful...

The Durbin Family said...

We're going Mac asap (i.e. as soon as finances allow) so you'll have to teach me all your cool tricks! :)

Kim said...

I LOVE my Mac, it is wonderful. You will adore yours. And it is okay to try and convert, everyone who is anyone is doing it - ha!


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