Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Good Kangaroo is Hard to Find. . .

All of us want to pamper our children when their sick. I'm no different. Sophia LOVES the Winnie the Pooh, 'the Heffalump movie,' she had a fever and a runny nose and all she wanted to do was curl up on my lap with her sweet little blankie. "I yuve it, Pooh mama!" (this is her favorite phrase at the moment. During lunch, not long ago, she said 'I yuve it chips mama, don't you yuve it chips?')
So how could I refuse her Pooh?

Of course, I realize how many times we've watched it when she looks up at me and said
"No Mama, that's a Pooh Bear!" I thought she was talking to me, until I heard it echoed a half-second later from the TV. (my two-year old is quoting movie lines?)

In my defense, we don't have cable and get very poor PBS reception so if we're going to watch TV we have a hand full of videos.

But I realized that I had watched this sweet, adorable movie WAY too many times, when I caught myself thinking: 'Where's Roo's father? Is he in Australia? Wow, Kanga is a really great single-parent. I wonder who Roo is modeling as a father figure? '

Seriously people--I spent the next several minutes trying to decide which character was the best father figure for Roo. 'Would Christopher Robin count? Could the whole group of animals really take the place of a good dad? Tigger seems to care about Roo, but he wouldn't be a good partner for Kanga?'

Now I know why people watch soap operas, I hadn't understood it until this moment. After hours of children's songs, toys, conversations and movies, a women just wants some adult conversation. It doesn't matter if it's not real conversation, if all the men talk like women (really catty women) every ones beautiful and every things clean, and you don't see a single children's toy . . . ever! Hmmmm anyone recommend a good soap?

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Julie said...

You are too funny!! Never did think of Roo's dad before...haha!

Hope you & Sophia are feeling better.


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