Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunshine Days

Well, 40 degree days may not seem balmy to many of you. But, coupled with a little sunshine it's a reason to celebrate around here. The first day after a series of gloomy gray ones and I determined we wouldn't let anything keep us in doors today.

Sassy was full of spring fever and wasn't having anything to do with a coat--that was until she'd been outside for about a minute and a half. Then she made sure I zipped her up and pulled up her hood. What can I say? Experience is the best teacher and I simply let it play in my favor.
It's been fun to introduce Sophia to the great outdoors again--even though not all the snow has gone away.

In fact, I found out we're supposed to get more snow later this week! Of course, I heard that only AFTER I had the car washed. I have vague memories of my little brother screaming through a carwash as a toddler and it all came flooding back when Sophia got a good look at the crazy looking machine. "I don't like it--wash!" was her first response. Followed by a panicked little cry. So I tried to translate the car wash into one of Sophia's favorite activities--a bath. 'Now the car is getting its head scrubbed! Scrub your head! See, now we're washing off the soap. Can you say bye-bye to the soap?' I don't know if they had a video camera inside the car wash? But if they do--someones trying to figure out what that lady was doing--acting like she was getting clean along WITH the car.


Anonymous said...

we want pics :)
We want to see that video to if it becomes available on you tube, let us know!

Katie said...

HA! SO cute!!

The Durbin Family said...

That's hilarious, SK...I'd love to see you in action. Ah, the things we do to entertain our kids! :)


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