Monday, August 04, 2008

Thou Shalt Not. . . .

Covet thy neighbors. . . Iphone?   
Today I officially took possession of my husband's toy, I mean phone.   I'm feeling a little guilty.  For months now I've seen his buddies eyes light up with a strange green fascination whenever they see this sleek little machine.  It seems to have some hypnotic magic power that I'd love to bottle and sell at the cosmetics counter!   

We'll see if this device actually makes life easier as I update my phonebook & change numbers.  It should be interesting since Nate took my phone # & I took his #.   His new job requires him to join the rank & file Blackberry toting business men of the world.  

Back in the day I never wanted to carry a cell phone.  If I wanted to be found--I'd go home.  But then I saw the StarTac, remember the first micro-mini cell phone?   It became my goal!  I'd know I was successful when I had a phone the size of a lighter!  When my first job gave me a flip-phone, I was hot-stuff!    Seriously, I can't even place this phone into my reality!   I sync my Macbook, ICalendar, ITunes, to my Iphone. When people ask to see pictures of Sophia, I push a button and have a pocket sized slide show of her life. The touchscreen internet features are fascinating. I've unwittingly become a Mac geek overnight!   Where's my Jetson robot & flying car!

Instead, I'm still hanging on by a thread of motherhood sanity!  Example--I've already tried to destroy my husband's coveted conversation piece. I left it on top of the car!  We didn't realize it till we got home.  Nate saw it wedged into the car's roof!  

I'm even a little concerned about using it in public. I'm not sure what type of attention I'll get. . . remember the population of Cedar Rapids is overwhelmingly made up of engineers,  IT people, and tech guys (Rockwell Collins being our largest employer). Around here, you're far more likely to get ogled because of the hardware your carrying than anything you're wearing! I'll keep you posted!

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Annika said...

Haha, that's funny! So true, though. It's so fascinating--remember when I was playing with Nate's iphone when you guys were up here? I was way impressed. :)


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