Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Moment's Wonder

Photography is not my art, and my simple camera hardly does her justice.  But after this afternoon's delight I begin to understand the obsession to capture these moments of innocence


The Diplomat said...

great job babe. she is beautiful.
Love you guys and miss you guys.


Julie said...

What a little cutie!! Can't get over how big she is getting, she looks really tall! Wish we could see you again soon....Grace is looking at these with me saying, "wow, she isn't a baby anymore." :)

annikadurbin said...

Haha, Julie, love Grace's comment about Sophia! Sk, she's so cute. I had a weeping willow in my back yard growing up and it was so magical! Wish we could see you guys again sometime soon...it was so good to see you last month!


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