Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sophia's New Career!

This week G.G. and Grandpa officially moved to town.  My grandparents Harlan & Ethel, are in their early 80's and just recently made the move from North Dakota to Iowa (how brave are they?)  I'm so proud of them, they have such a great attitude.  Sophia's great grandma G.G. (get it--well I don't think she does, but Sophia loves it!)  commented that they love their new place, but they've never had a hard time sleeping in strange places.  "I guess we sleep around!" Wink.  

Mom & Sophia are tag-teaming G.G.  Mom's her massage-therapist and now Sophia's her trainer!  Mom's wanted to get G.G. in the pool to strengthen legs & hips.  But you know any daughter doesn't have the pull grand kids do, or great-grand-kids in this case!   The whole family "visited" the pool area in their gorgeous 55+ community.  (I'm serious people it's GORGEOUS!  In their 1 bedroom they're kitchen is bigger than mine! And they get 2 meals a day at this great restaurant! Someone else cleans, they have a movie theatre, gym and a pool! I'm trying to get into the apartment next door!)  

Here comes the sneaky part.  When they left without getting in the water Sophia was obviously upset.  This was all according to plan I guess.  When G.G. saw how much "simming" meant to Sophia she couldn't say no.   

You know how mom got me to be complicit in this arrangement--babysitting.  I will do anything for babysitting. . .I'm easy I know.  Sophia & my mom teaming up that's scary! Because Sophia is an intense trainer.  She has a never say die attitude and she wants to make sure EVERYONE comes along.  "Mommy come on! Get it!  Get up!  Play me Mommy!  Swing me Mommy!" Oh yeah, she's been my trainer for quite some time. The other day after I pushed her in a stroller for 2 miles to the park and then she wouldn't let me sit down.  Do you think Nate's in on it?


Katie said...

They are brave and I want to move into their community, too!

Ruthy said...

I miss Harlan and Ethel being here in Mesa, but happy they are with family and have a comfortable home in Iowa.
Phone calls are great too.
God's Blessings to you all.
Ruthy E


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