Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Curly Girl Photo Booth

TA DA! Here's the proof. I only got a trim, nothing drastic. 
I have my 10 year high school reunion this weekend so I didn't want to do anything crazy. 

But I'll admit in the past I would've been tempted to straighten my hair. Don't ask me why, maybe in an attempt to fit in, or perhaps to have a little control over . . .something. 

Now I guess you could say Sophia's become a inspiration.  That gorgeous little head of crazy curls fits her vivacious personality. I want tobe like her.  I also want her to embrace every bit of joy and life she been blessed with and that starts with the curls.

All the other trouble I've been getting into well, you're all invited to come and see for yourself. I'll try to get a couple more after pictures posted, but for now there's plenty more to be done. 
Tonight, I switched the light fixture out in the bathroom, that's a whole 'nother story.


Julie said...

I love your curls--looks great! Such pretty pictures too....have fun at your reunion, can you believe it's been 10 years? AHHH!!

mSjEnA said...

Your hair looks Great ! Hope you have fun at your reunion !!

Allie L. said...

I remember doing crazy things when Nick would travel -- it's kind of fun to play "while you were out" isn't it!! At least they don't see the mess that happened in between the Before and After! :-)

And I agree, there is freedom when you stop fighting the curls. Embrace them!

Have fun and let's get together again with the kiddos!


Anonymous said...

soooo pretty pics- love the pics!
have fun at the reunion!!!!!
love you
Minga Grace

Katie said...

You are so pretty! Your hair looks great in these! i was recently thinking about embracing the curls again myself... it just seems easier than fighting them, doesn't it?

Sarah said...

Whenever you're tempted to straighten your gorgeous curls, please remember that there are stick straight haired girls in the world who would LOVE to have them!! I have always loved your hair curly....maybe that's because I can't even PAY for curls??? Enjoy it, my beautiful friend! =)


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