Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Even before the floor was finished I started to obsess about a dining table.  My great IKEA table had served our family well but it only sat 4.  I get a little obsessive about room renovations--it's a coping mechanism. My husband is used to seeing me zone out as I visualize different ideas. So when Jana offered me her husband's old table for free (A last hold out from the His or Hers negotiations), I knew it was a God thing.  Nate & I had both been wanting a bench with a table but had decided the budget couldn't support a new table at the moment.  So when I brought home this great farm table from an Jana's husband's Irish Catholic family of 11 kids, it already had all the character of great family and friends breaking bread and sharing laughter.  It was a great omen.  I think it showed me that no matter how much money a person has--there is a powerful joy in sharing & finding things with life & character.   Best of all I've had people over consistently since we put it all back together.  I was able to have Sophia, both my parents, & my grandparents all sit around the table! It's been great!  

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Katie said...

The floors look so great! Is it echoing now??

Did you get my email, and are you ok with that?


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