Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everyday Angel

In my opinion, Sophia & the lady in the bookstore were both angels this afternoon. Both made my day especially with Nate's increased travel schedule, Sophia's great behavior has been a gift from God.  Have any of you ever tried to shop in a book store with a two year old?   I remember being annoyed at mother's who would shop being so oblivious about their children.    It's been a sensitive spot for me. 

Quick tangent:  I've always been amazed by Sophia, she does her best when she's been prepped and included for a situation.  When she was a baby I knew it was good to talk to infants but seriously what do you say--so I began a habit of explaining her day, what we were going to do, she'd smile and coo.  Now she'll ask questions, chirp encouragement, but the best part is that she does her best to do everything we discuss.  

After entertaining herself for over a half an hour while mommy shopped.  (This girl likes to be scared--she found a book that had skeletons on it and desperately wanted to read it-she didn't make it through it.)   She'd read about four books in no particular order, played a little piano, and gotten about 14 drinks of water from the fountain before laying down on the floor in the religious aisle and counted little saints.   Next thing we knew this smiling maternal woman was hovering over us (I was on my knees looking at a book.)
"I have to thank you, you've given me hope for the next generation of parents.  You're daughter has been marvelous.  No crying, no arguing, no whining. It's so refreshing."  

What'd I tell you? Angels. . . both of them.  


Katie said...

Wow. Good girl, Sophia! I ALWAYS forget to do this, SK- prep them. And it does make such a difference, I think... I totally agree. I miss sweet Sophia, I bet she's grown just since I saw her.

Julie said...

What a great compliment to you & Sophia both! I can't believe she is almost 2 1/2, just crazy how fast they grow.


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