Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Adventures in home improvement


My incredibly intelligent husband realized that he couldn't leave me home alone with my old NASTY carpet!  So two weeks before he started his new job, he removed every piece of molding tore out the carpet painted and brought 14 boxes of hardwood home.  I'll admit I was incredibly nervous!  But I've watched HOURS of HGTV so let's go for it.  Let me tell you the secret to marital bliss: knowing  your limits.  At the 11th hour (seriously at the very last minute) Nate decided we needed professional help!  (No comment from the peanut gallery) It was totally a God thing that we found Jeff, our floor guy.

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Annika said...

Looks beautiful, SK! I love the floors, and that carpet! Wonderful to have a nice big table; I SO look forward to a day when my little family can sit around a table all together! I think I might just cry the first time we do. Seriously. And YAY for no carpet under messy toddlers! I am vacuuming ours almost three times a day now that Ellie is sitting with Jack at his table...ugh. What a pain. :) Congrats--looks great; hope we can see it in person sometime soon! Love you, A


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