Monday, August 11, 2008

The Best Breakfast in Town

Monday mornings mean an early flight for Nate & a tearful goodbye for Sophia.  "I want to go too!" Is a common refrain in our house especially at the mere mention of airplanes.  This morning my incredible husband invited us to join him for breakfast.  It wasn't the first time we've eaten at the airport. Last week we had lunch with Nate while he waited for a delayed flight.  I guess we made an impression because the waitress recognized us and gushed over Sophia.   It was a wonderful family moment.  Sophia practiced her colors over a bowl of Fruit Loops while Nate & I sipped coffee and marveled at articulate she's gotten.  Sophia & Nate LOVE airplanes. So the view couldn't be better.  But it was the company, the added moments with daddy, that made Sophia's day.  At the last minute before he walked through security a familiar refrain lilted across the airport. "Daddy whe-R U?" Followed by lotz of blown kisses.  This time it was a much easier to say goodbye.  Especially when there's an escalator ride!

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