Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's official!  I'm a PSYCH junkie!  (Remember LONG winter--no cable!)  I was into the show before I re-watched ALL of season 1 the past couple of  weeks. I wanted to see what other work James Roday (Shaun) had done.  But of course, I was more interested in the fact that he and a certain co-star are dating in REAL LIFE!  (Physchers know--and no it's not Gus!) 
Wanna know if your a Physcher?? (just coined the phrase)  Check out OMG link below to play Phsych game and see if you get 100% too!  I think there may BE a couple psychics working on their staff though. (I know, I know, I do need to get out and get some sun! But there IS no SUN in IOWA!) 

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