Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answered Prayer

The Thompson family has a reason to celebrate today!  After nine long months they SOLD their house!  This can be a traumatic event for anyone, but Naomi & Travis have only been parents for a couple years and have done a FANTASTIC job!  Showering their girls with love, security, and support as they transition from Liberia to America. 
Emma, Garmai, & Madeline mean so much to us. Sassy gives Madeline someone to mother and giggle with plus, Naomi is our hand-me-down supplier. She keeps Sophia in a constant supply of  'princess dresses and new shoes.'  In fact, the Thompson girls love to decide if something is too small then it's time to give it to Sophia! 
The other day it looked like the Shoe Fairy had stopped by with a box of shoes the girls had outgrown.  Nate walked in and said "Looks like Naomi's been here!"  Naomi & I are scroungers, we love to shop Goodwill quarter days, children's resale shops, sales, and garage sales.  The best part is that people always comment on how great Sophia looks and I know she's the third or fourth little girl to share in the love!   
Speaking of love!  It's meant so much to carry this family in prayer.  My beloved prayer group (my husband calls us the DREAM TEAM) began praying for them this week and VOILA!  Oh we're not taking credit for this.  It's just beautiful to be a part of their joy and witness first hand the power of prayer!  Thank you God, for taking care of the Thompson's 

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Julie said...

Praise God, what great news!! The girls are just precious--love that pic of the three of them. :)


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