Thursday, April 03, 2008



I sat down for a nice long quiet time this afternoon after putting Sophia down for a nap--in full princess dress regalia. 

(Side note about princess dresses: This morning I woke up to a little girl telling me that she 'took it off.' What did you take off Sophia?Of course this was my next question too.  As I lifted my head off my pillow I got the full view of Sophia's little body.   Even though it was early I began to comprehend what she'd taken off --including her diaper.  Was my child entering the 'naked phase' that consumes so many toddlers?  No, as it turned out, this was just another part of her 'princess phase.' So we spent the WHOLE day in full Easter wear, complete with sandals and bunny ears--thanks to her Great-Aunt Elaine. We hopped and danced and would only take our sandals off when we were sleeping.  Gotta love it!)     

I don't blame Sophia for being confused--we've had a couple of warm days, sort of--but during her nap and my quiet time I was thanking God for the softly falling rain bringing a much needed spring.   BUT NO!  When I came downstairs this afternoon I almost screamed in frustration when I saw SNOW!  Thick, heavy, and sticking to the ground!  I felt a little sheepish when behind me a I heard 'No Snow' followed by a garbled imitation of my tirade coming from Sassy.

I can't say it's been all bad though.  All this snow has forced us to stay inside and has given Sophia plenty of time with this.  So now she's not only singing her ABC's she's identifying letters.  This morning she placed a blue plastic fire-hat on my head and started to knight me with a knitting needle.  

At least that's what I thought until I realized she was using the needle to point to letters singing their sounds to a happy little tune. E says eh, M for Mommy, T, T says teh.  I had to double check and even call Nana and Nate.  

Yes, her hat did say EMT.   Junior EMT to be exact and no--no one's been coaching her--except her favorite fridge toy.  (Do I get credit for this since I gave it to her for Christmas?  I mean I did read the reviews for it and have endured the repetitious but delightful and effective little ditty?)  Either way my two year old can read!  She may think everything is orange--believe me she'll argue the point with you if you ask her what color something is--but she can READ!!!  Well, close enough, for now!

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