Friday, April 04, 2008

How Come? . . .

How come whenever I wear a white shirt. . .I will ALWAYS spill my coffee?   I think I have a hole in my lip?

Murphy's Law
The more potential a food has for stains the greater the coverage area when it's hurled by a child.  AND the more expensive the clothing/fabric/furniture will be. Believe me I don't need to blame a mess on Sophia--I can do it ALL BY MYSELF. 

But since we're on the subject. . . How come the intensity of the tantrum is directly proportional to the amount of people around to witness?  

How come the later you are, the more you're child wants to smell the flowers, look at the sky, watch an ant?

How come my child seems to think if it's mine it's mine,
if it's yours its mine,
if I like it it's mine,
if I can take it from you it's mine,
if I am playing with something ALL the pieces are mine,
if I think it's mine it is,
if I saw it first it's mine,
if you put it down it's mine,
if I put it down it's still mine,
if it looks like the one I have at home it's mine,
if it's broken it's yours?


Katie said...

That is HILARIOUS. Especially the part about running late- SO TRUE. ANd then you feel guilty for not "stopping to smell the flowers"


Minga Grace said...

It's mine :) :)
that is funny-


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